I Lost What I Loved But I Found It Again. . . With Problems

Amber has been living in New York City for a while, she hasn't talken it to well there, her best friend moved to California last month, she was the only person she hung out with in school, but now since her friend moved to california she has no one to hang out with at school any more. And she got dumped by her boyfriend. She has a little brother, he's 2 and his name is Max. Her parents just got divorced. And they were each going to take separate ways. One day, she moves with her mother and little brother in Holmes Chapel Chesire, England, Her neighbor there is a Star, but she does not know that, and that star is Harry Styles, Harry has a 'thing' for her, and he wants her to notice that, so one of the members of the band help harry with the idea, and that member starts having a 'thing' for amber as well, should he tell his feelings to amber? Or keep them to himself and help his mate harry?


8. I Found Him

"amber what he said is true, i know i only met you and we don't really know each other much, i love you"

that just repeated in my head multiple times, harry styles loves me,  i was just standing there not knowing how to react to this, there eyes were glued on me and i looked at harry then at louis,  then at harry and then at louis, and finally i looked at harry, i went close to him and pressed my lips on his, i grabbed the back of his head and sqeezed his curly borwn hair, he instantly went with me, i felt his big hands griped my hips and sqeezed them gently, i felt good now, i wanted to do this, with him and now i'm kissing him, i steped back and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand,

"whoah" He said "that was unexpected"

I looked at him who was shocked, his eyes were wide opened and his mouth was opened as well.

"nice move" louis told me

we both looked at him, i forgott he was here. 

"well i'm heading inside to unpack " before Louis turned away he winked at me, hmm, i wonder what that ment, but i just brushed it off.

"that kiss, was amazing, let me have another one" he told me

this time he started kissing my neck and started nibbing on it, i backed off and looked around,  we were still outside in harry's neighborhood, well 'our' neighborhood, wondering why i just kissed him. outside.

"is everything alright?" he asks looking around,

"well, you-your famous,and i'm just an unknown girl to eveyone else that doesn't know me, and well your, a celebrity"  i tell him

"whoah, your not just 'a' girl, your my 'speacial' girl to me" he embraces me "

i look around again and back off,

"i want everyone to know your mine" he leans closer and pecks my lips with his, and i start feeling his big hands go up my back underneath my shirt, and i started feeling goose bumps.

"i don't care if people  find out" he whispers

i keep my eyes opened unsure of what to say,

he finally lets go and looks deeply into my eyes with a grin on his face,

a car past slowly looking at harry and i, suspisiously,

"well i gotta head back inside, my mom must be wondering why i went outside," i say putting my hands in my back pockets. 

i turn, with my back facing harry's face, i start walking until i stoped because he hold my wrisk and tuggs me into him,

"you didn't let me say goodbye"

i kisses my lips firmly after about a few seconds he stops, we both open our eyes,and starts walking backwards, so his face is still looking at mine, i turn around i felt my lips forcly going into a a huge smile.

Louis' POV

once i left them outside i headed towards the room i was going to stay in, i lay on my bed and stare at the cieling, amber poped up im my mind, she was beautiful, harry was right, she was gorgeous, and just seeing her smile got me overwhelmed.  no this can't be, i can't be doing this to my best mate, my thought were inturupted by a knock at my door.

"come in " i sat up and saw who was coming in,

"hey mate," it was harry,

"hi peasant!" i joked

he smiled at my comment and came in and sat at the desk chair,

"how'd it go with you two lovebirds?" i ask

after he told me what happened we went to go eatdinner downstairs.

Amber's POV


"come in!" i say taking my earphones off,

"amber, i'm heading to work, be sure to take care of your brother, dinners ready for both of you," she tells me.

 "okay, good luck,"

She closes the door, i get up and go to the bathroom, when i come back i see someone from my window, i get a closer look and find harry, i open my window and tell him,

"hi, do you need something?" i ask

"yeah! i need you babe" he tells me

i feel myself blush,  i stay quiet for a few seconds

"for what? and don't xall me that!" i exclaim

"just come over," his cheeky grin starts appearing on his face,

"sorry i can't my mom just left and i have to take care of my brother"

"well if you say so," hecloses his window and leaves, i do the same and leave off to Max's room, i found the sleepy head sleeping, i closed the door quietly and head downstairs, i hear another knock at the door,

i see harry from the window, when i open it he wraps his arms around my weisght and closes the door with his foot, he pushes me to the wall and starts kissing me,  i put my hand on his chest, about to push him away from me, but i feel his muscles, and it seems like i can't stop myself of touching his abbs,

We both finally run out of breath, and stop,

"that was REALLY good" he tells me

"shh! my brothers sleeping" 

he backs off and goes up the stairs

"what are you doing?!" i whisper following him

"can't i go to my girlfriends room?" he asks

my eyes widen

"who said i was your girlfriend!" i pull his hand back, preventing him to keep walking,

he turns around with his cheeky smile, "i said remember? i said you were mine today, and theres no option for you to say no, you said yeah you will be my girlfriend" he grabbs my behind and i instantly pinch him,

"owww!!!!!" i hush him 

"i never said i was your girlfriend,"

"yeah you did, you kissed me" he stops talking and looks at the little red mark from the pinch, "well, you didn't exactly say yes, you just kissed me, which was a yes for me"

i stay quiet, and he continues to look for my room, i didn't stop him because he was already in my room, i caught up to him and saw him laying on my bed, he makes moves over a little bit more and patts the other side, i sigh and walk slowly.

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