I Lost What I Loved But I Found It Again. . . With Problems

Amber has been living in New York City for a while, she hasn't talken it to well there, her best friend moved to California last month, she was the only person she hung out with in school, but now since her friend moved to california she has no one to hang out with at school any more. And she got dumped by her boyfriend. She has a little brother, he's 2 and his name is Max. Her parents just got divorced. And they were each going to take separate ways. One day, she moves with her mother and little brother in Holmes Chapel Chesire, England, Her neighbor there is a Star, but she does not know that, and that star is Harry Styles, Harry has a 'thing' for her, and he wants her to notice that, so one of the members of the band help harry with the idea, and that member starts having a 'thing' for amber as well, should he tell his feelings to amber? Or keep them to himself and help his mate harry?


2. A New Start Begining

When we got to the airport, we got through everything in order to get to the gate, pretty soon we got on the airplane and chose our seats,

''heelloo ladies and gentlemen, please be seated and welcome on board!. . .''

i closed my eyes and fell alseep.

* A Few Hours Later *

''amber, amber, amber wake up were here, amber!''

''what? oh okay''

i got up and got my things and went out.

''okay i'm going to call the owner of the house, here take max, and try getting a taxi''


i go outside and try, to find a taxi

''okay the owners on her way to the house, did you find a taxi?''


''here lets get this one, come on before it goes''

we put our luggages in the trunk and got inside.

''that i'll be $89.67''

i got the luggages and put them on the ground

''nice house right?'' mom asked

''yeah. . . .''

i turn around and see a lady come out of her car and come towards us

''hi, you must be kristine Maizel'' the lady said putting out her hand to my mom

''yes, i am'' she shakes her hand and intruduces me and max

''okay, lets see the house'' 

we all go in and take a look at the house, after about an hour past and we saw mostly the whole house

''so what do you think ma'am?'' the lady asked to my mom

''i'll take it''

the lady hands her the papers to sign and everything like that then leaves


''what do we do now?'' i ask my mom

''well, you can choose your room and leave your luggages there, then max's, i'll be back i need to look for a job here, order some pizza or what ever, please take care of your brother, i'll bring back groceries as soon as i get back''

''okay, good luck''

We hear a knock at the door

''who is it mom?''

''i'll go check''

when she opens the door its a lady with brown hair up to her back,  and brown eyes. with a nice smile.

''hi, my names Anne, im your neighbor! and um welcome to the neighborhood,''

''well thank you i'm Kristine, and my daughter Amber, and myson Max''

i go over to the lady 

''hi ma'am nice to meet you'' i say shaking her hand

''well if you guys need anything i'll be at home, once again welcome to the neighborhood, ''

''thank you, so much'' my mom says '' well uh, right now i'm going out, and amber listen to what i told you''

''yeah mom i got it''

''okay well its nice to meet you all, and well i'll let you guys do your stuff, bye'' Anne said

''okay buh-bye, thank you again'' my mom said

she closes the door and leaves me and max alone

''alright max, lets go check out the rooms again''



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