Louis, & Me -part 2-

Louis and Danika are dating, so is Niall and Danika's bestfriend!
Will each couple still have sparks? Will it ruin friendships? Will another band member get a girlfriend that ruins everything? You'll have to read this to find out!(:


21. Last Night

As I was applying, Zayn says to Louis "Soo, Louis. Since Dani is leaving tomorrow are you gonna 'Live While Your Young and get some tonight?" I laughed, still looking at the screen. Louis turned to me, smiled, I smiled back. then he said "Yes, Zayn I am gonna 'Live While Im Young and get some'" I smiled. Louis turned my head with his two fingers on my chin, and kissed me on the lips. 5 mins later "Done!" I shout closing my laptop, and standing up, and I put it on the couch. "Im... really going to miss you guys" I say to all of them. "Hey, I have an idea" Liam says. "Why dont you and Audrey tell us what you guys thought of us, before you met us." he adds. Me and Audrey looked at each other with embrassment.  "Alriiiiight" Audrey says.  

"Well. Me and Audrey were crazy fans, of course. Our guy friends would make fun of us, for liking you guys. We didnt care, though. We both still have posters of you guys in our rooms, the last time i've been home, was like 3 days after your concert here. I didnt take them down and I wont. There is this kid named Zach, he has blonde hair like Niall, he would wear kakis and a white shirt, and white high tops. You guys looked like twins." I said. Niall said, "Wow, he's a good looking guy then". Audrey put her head on Nialls shoulder. I was sitting inbetween Louis's legs. "Boobear im going to bed." I say walking to the room. "Wait! Dani, aren't you and Louis...you know..." Zayn says. "Alright..Louis come on!" I said, Louis followed close behind. We did it. Me and Louis walk out of the room, my hair is all messy of course. "You got some I take it?" Harry says. "Sure did, Hazza." Louis winks at Harry. We watched a movie, I fell asleep like 10 mins into it. 

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