Louis, & Me -part 2-

Louis and Danika are dating, so is Niall and Danika's bestfriend!
Will each couple still have sparks? Will it ruin friendships? Will another band member get a girlfriend that ruins everything? You'll have to read this to find out!(:


15. Inttterviewwww

"WAKEY WAKEY SLEEPY HEADS!" Zayn, and Niall both yelled, and jumped on our bed. 

"Assholes!" Louis shouted. and got up. He picked me up and brought me out of the room. "Time to get ready, sweetheart" Louis whispers in my ear.  

Me and Audrey get ready together, I finish putting my make up on when Louis came in, "How does my make up look, lou?" I ask him "Simple, but effective" He says, in his adorable british accent. 'I dont understand why you put make up on, though. You look beautiful without it" He adds."Thanks hun, but your not a girl, so I wouldnt expect you to understand. Anyways, dont you wear a pinch of make up before like photoshoots and stuff.? " I say. with a big smile. 

We get to the radio station, and the interviewer says 'Hello Im here with One Direction, and 2 lovely guests. How are you guys?' We all answer together. 'So Liam how busy are you guys right now?' She asks. 'Well, we're not too busy, at the moment, but we're about to go on tour in a little less than 2 weeks, and we have a new album out pretty soon, so we'll be pretty busy here soon' Liam responds. She each boy a different question. Then she asks 'So Niall, louis, who are these 2 lovely ladies here with us today?' 

'well this is Danika, my girlfriend.' Louis begins. 'hello' I say. 'So how did you guys meet?' The interviewer asks. 'Well she came to our concert, and she had backstage passes, and I wrote my number where I signed my autograph for her. Then we started hanging out, and I asked if she'll be my girlfriend and she yes.' Louis explains. 'Danika, what did you think of Louis before and now that your dating.?' Interviewer asks. 'Well, I was a total fan of One Direction, I had posters on my wall, I had their album and I would just replay it. When I went to the concert I was so excited, my dad got us backstage passes, and I didn't even know until we got to the concert. It felt unreal. When we got backstage me and Audrey met the boys, took pictures, and i mean I didnt even notice Louis signing his number. Until that night. I couldnt believe it. Now that we've been dating I've obviously got to know more about him, than I did before. I love him, I couldnt ask for a more better boyfriend. Even know it feels like a fairytale.' I explain I can go on forever about this, but I knew I had to stop. The interviewer asks Audrey the same thing. 'I've been a fan of theirs ever since the x-factor, All the boys are wonderful. I mean, any girl would be lucky to be in mine or Dani's place. Like Dani said Its unreal. We've gone, to knowing little about them, thinking we would never have a chance with them, I mean we live in 2 different countries how would it work anyway? But now, im dating one of them. It was possible. & its real. it's my life now. Niall is just amazing, I dont what i'd do without him.' 

'Alright and to wrap it up the boys will sing 'Little Things' The Interviewer says. 

I love this song. I love the lyrics, the music and everything. 

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