Louis, & Me -part 2-

Louis and Danika are dating, so is Niall and Danika's bestfriend!
Will each couple still have sparks? Will it ruin friendships? Will another band member get a girlfriend that ruins everything? You'll have to read this to find out!(:


23. Home Sweet Home

We get back to the room, we get ready to head for mine and Audreys houses we live literally right next to each other. the 7 of us manage to fit in one car, I sat on Louis lap, Audrey sat in Niall's lap, not every safe, but whatever. Harry drove, Liam sat in the middle of niall and louis and zayn was in the passenger seat. When we got to my street, i looked at louis. I closed my eyes, and the car stopped we were at my house. We all looked at eachother, I hopped out of the car. I took Louis hand, and walked inside, to my house that I havent seen in like 4 months. I looked for my mom and Dad, there they were, at the breakfast table. "mom!" I shout giving her a hug. "Mom, Dad, this is Louis. My boyfriend." I smiled at them "Hello Louis" my dad said holding out his hand to shake louis. "Hello sir, nice to meet you two." Louis shook his hand back. Then Audrey Niall and the rest of the boys come trailing inside. "Audrey!" My mom shouted giving audrey a hug. Wow. she looked more excited to see Audrey than me. "mom, dad, This is Niall (audreys boyfriend) This is Zayn, Harry, and Liam." "Great to meet the 5 boys Audrey and Danika, have been drooling over the past year!" My mom says "MOM!" I say. 

"Can they hang out for a while, mom?" I ask her. 

"Sure." She says. 

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