Louis, & Me -part 2-

Louis and Danika are dating, so is Niall and Danika's bestfriend!
Will each couple still have sparks? Will it ruin friendships? Will another band member get a girlfriend that ruins everything? You'll have to read this to find out!(:


29. College

I slept in my room, by myself. Niall and Audrey went to her house. Harry and Louis are besties again. The boys slept in the extra bedrooms. It was monday, my first day of college. The boys were still with me. I got up, and I go downstairs, Louis, Harry, Liam, and Zayn were in the kitchen. Harry was at the stove, the boys were at the table, laughing at something. I walk over to Harry. "Whats up?" I asked. "Nothing babe" Harry says, I go over to Louis, my stomach dropped, I remembered yesterday, the kiss, me and Harry kissed. I felt like throwing up, but I didnt. 

"Want me to drive you?" Louis asks, while I sit on his lap. "Where?" I asked. "College?" He says. "Oh yeah sure, I have to go ready!" I said. Running upstairs. I got in the shower, I put my shampoo and Conditioner in, I shaved my legs, and washed my body and face. I got out, wrapped the towel around me and walked to my room. Liam and Zayn were in my room. "Guys?" I asked. They turned around, to see me. I forgot I was in a towel. "Oh sorry! We were looking for your phone charger!" Liam says. 

They got out, I pulled out my nude lacey shirt, and put on a black under shirt, and Black shorts, and Black sandals. I kept my hair naturally curly, and pulled a strip of hair into a bobby pin. I put on my 'Pink' perfume. I walked downstairs. Liam and Zayn were whispering something to each other. "Ready?" Lou asked. "Yup!" I said. I hugged Zayn, Harry and Liam before we left. 

Me and Louis drove off to my college. "Im scared." I said, "Why?" Louis said grabbing my hand. " Because, Its college". "Oh hunny, dont worry. You'll be just fine. And plus, Audrey wil be there also." 'Yeah I guess so." I said. While we were in the car, I put on 'Every Little Thing' by Ryan Beatty. "Whos this?" Louis asked me... "Ryan Beatty!?" I told him. I cant believe he didnt know who Ryan Beatty was!  So we got to my college, Lou walked me to the doors "Bye, hope I dont get lost, or scared, or die." I told him. "Baby, your going to be just fine! Txt me if you need something, or just txt me whenever, i'll pick you up too." He says, then kisses me for about 8 secs. Then he walks back to his car, I walk in inside. Its huge in here. I see a couple of people i recognize from High School. Then I see a blonde haired couple at the front desk. I hear their voices. I walk closer, and tap on the girls shoulder, she turns around, her eyes got big "DANI!" Audrey shouts. 

Niall turns around also, "Hey love!" He says giving me a hug. "Hi, Nialler." I say. "Wheres Louis?" He asks "He just left." I said "Ohh" niall says. "Okay, well I better leave. Love you Audrey." Niall kisses Audrey on the cheek, and then hugs me and then he leaves.

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