Louis, & Me -part 2-

Louis and Danika are dating, so is Niall and Danika's bestfriend!
Will each couple still have sparks? Will it ruin friendships? Will another band member get a girlfriend that ruins everything? You'll have to read this to find out!(:


14. Calming down

If anything calmed me down, it was Starbucks. Only a couple tears came down, not like when I was at the hotel. I could feel my eyes were red, and puffy. Luckily I had my sunglasses. I ordered a tall Vanilla Bean with whipped cream. I sat there drinking my Vanilla Bean thinking about everything. How much my life has changed this past year, that message, and Louis. Oh crap! I forgot about the interview! I got a message from Louis 

'Where are you? Are you alright? Please, come back.' I wrote back 'im fine. Im at Starbucks.' 

'im coming, right now just me. be there in 5, love you'  he says 'love you' I txt back. 

When Louis walked through the door, I ran up to him, giving him a big hug. We walked back to the table. "Love, what happend with Twitter?" He asks. I show him the messages that girl sent me. "Oh babe, don't listen to her. She's just jealous. You DO deserve me, dont worry, I will never let anyone hurt you. Ever." He says, looking into my eyes, and kisses me on the cheek. "im sorry, i ran from the hotel, I dont know what happend I just got real emotional." We drove back, luckily the inter view wasnt until 4 :30 it was 12:27. On the way back, Louis held me up to him the whole way back.I loved it. 

We got back, everyone was gone. "Where is everyone?" I ask. "Lunch." Louis says. "Ohh, do you wanna take a nap? Before the interview?" I asked Louis. he grabbed my hand and we got into bed, my head was on the inside of his neck, my hand on his chest, and his arm around me. We both fell asleep shortly.  

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