Louis, & Me -part 2-

Louis and Danika are dating, so is Niall and Danika's bestfriend!
Will each couple still have sparks? Will it ruin friendships? Will another band member get a girlfriend that ruins everything? You'll have to read this to find out!(:


17. Amazinggg

Louis P.O.V 

Holy crap..! We've been walking around forever... "Dani..are we done yet?" I ask her. "You sound like a little kid..and no, I haven't found anything yet." Dani says. "What about this?" I ask her. It was a purse.."Oh my gosh Louis! You gave me a perfect idea!" I sat down, and watched Dani pick stuff out for Dani, few fans came up to me, asking for pics and autographs. I finished taking a pic, with a fan when Dani came up to us, with 3 bags in her hands. "Ready babe?" I ask "Ready." She says. We walk back, hand in hand. There were paps everywhere. But we didnt care. I think Dani liked it, I saw her on twitter a couple times. tweeting stuff, about Audreys birthday.  As we got into the elevator I asked what she got. "I will show you when we get back to the room" She says. 

"Whatcha get her?" Niall peeks his head in our door. "Where is Audrey?" I ask him "Shower." 

"Ohh ok, come in, I'll show you what I got Audrey." Dani says. Dani pulls a sliver purse (the one I picked out) a blue short dress, with a sliver belt around the stomach, then sliver Toms, and a necklace, a ring, ear rings, and a iPhone 5! I want an iPhone 5! "Wow.." Niall said. "I want an iPhone 5!" I shout. "Good. Go look in the other bags." Dani gives a peck on the lips. I go to the bags, there were 6 iPhone 5 boxes, I grabbed one, and started jumping up and down. I was so excited! 

Niall P.O.V. 

"Dani,this is amazing...Audrey is going to love this!" I tell her. "YOU GOT ALL OF US IPHONE 5'S?!?!? DANI! I LOVE YOU!!!!" Louis says running up to Dani, and starts making out with her. "You got us iPhone 5's?" I asked her. she nodded her head. "Oh my..I love you more than food right now." i say... "Can I get mine right now?" I ask Dani. "Yeah go ahead.!" Dani says. "Thank you so so so so so much, Dani!" I hug her tightly.  

"Hey lou, im gonna take the rest of the boys their phones, be back in 10" I tell louis.

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