It's Never Enough

Aerie never has anything go her way. Even though it seems like she has the greatest life, she feels like everything she does, it's just never enough. Her famous self, the fourtune, the cars.. but she feels like she's missing something. And that something is Louis Tomlinson.


1. The Plan

I rushed into the studio, already knowing I'm late. Oh god, my manager is going to kill me. I didn't even bother taking the elevator because I knew I was already late. I jogged up the stairs, headed for room 104.

I bursted through the door. "I am so sorry." I say, putting my purse down on the table. "It's the thrid time this week, Aerie.." my sound producer, Stephen complains. "I know, I know.." I start. "I had to make sure Pebbles and Kermit we're all set up for the day.." I finished. "And who is Pebbles and Kermit, my dear?" he laughs.

"Kermit is my Italian Greyhound, and Pebbles is my Maine Coon." I say proudly. "Right, get on in that booth." he smiles. I nod agreeingly. I walk into it, and start to record my first album.

"I love your passion, everything you do for me.." I sing.

It's been atleast an hour in the studio, and my recording. "But I love the moments, oh, the moments, when I'm lost in your eyes." I finish the song.

"Right, you got, track 10 done.." my manager, Joey says. "Is that NOT an accomplishment?" I smile.

"Sure.." he smirks. "Ugh, you sass." I smile.

"I'm outta here." I say, putting the headphones down.

"Right, I'll drive you home." Joey says, latching on to my arm.

If your wondering how I've gotten famous, well, like many other people, I went on a singing competetion. I suprisingly won the X Factor 2012, UK. I was so happy, I spent half the money on charity and the relief for the Sandy devestation. I spent half the million on charities when I haven't spent it on myself.

"So, Joey my dear, what's the plan?" I smile. "Well, your fans have been requesting a duet with a certain boyband.." he starts. "Boybands? And a solo artist? Uhm, don't get me wrong but I don't see how that would work." I laugh, as he drives off. "You all have solos with another?" he laughs. "How many are in the group?" I bite my nails. "Five.. Try and guess what band?" he smirks. "One Direction." I simply say. "Yea.. that's incredible." he laughs. "I'm kind of familiar with my generations music Joey." I say. "So you going to do it?" he asks. "I'd love to, but what about them?" I say. "Well, let's call their manager." he says.

"Mkay, chill." I say. I'm almost done with my first album, and I think the boys are starting their third, so I'd love to have a collaberation with the biggest boyband out there. Good promotion for myself.


I don't know why I keep starting new stories, I kind of have these ideas that I keep sqeezing out of my brain. I don't know. :)

Oh, and if you wonder where I make my photos, I go to or I prefer though. :)


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