That is What Makes Me Beautiful

Susanna is a Directioner with an abusive mother but what happends when not one, not two, not 3, not four but all five members of One Direction fall in love with her! Read to out what happends! :)


5. Zayn Saves Me From My Abusive Mother!

"Why are you home so late! And what is that all over your clothes?!" says my mum when I stepped into the house. 

"I had such a crazy day, want hear about it?" I ask as she rolls her eyes.

"No I don't care! You're so stupid!" 

Annoyed, I shout  "Mum! I met Harry Styles today, he lives just down the street. Then he got hit by a car!" trying to hold back tears, I continue.  "Then at the hosipital, Niall gave me some food and Liam was like 'Niall gave you his food, he must really like you" and I said 'I don't love Niall I love Harry"  Niall got really upset so he jumped off the roof and died. Then Louis was mad at me and then we kiss and it was love mum." I pause to catch my breath. "But then, there was an earthquake and Louis is in the hospital with Harry. I had such a bad day mum, quit being so mean to me." 

 My mum pushed me to the ground. She had a fingure pointed in my face, "Don't you dare yell at me like that agian missy! she holers slapping me.

"Stop mum!' I shout the door flew open. It was Zayn. He ran in.

"Hello" he said "I hear you need help, he scoops me up in his arms and runs outside, he dosn't stop untill we get to his house. "Louis told me, you might of needed help." he held me in his arms

 "Zayn, I love you"

"I love you too"  says Zayn. "I will protect you from your evil mother. Don't cry baby."

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