That is What Makes Me Beautiful

Susanna is a Directioner with an abusive mother but what happends when not one, not two, not 3, not four but all five members of One Direction fall in love with her! Read to out what happends! :)


4. Something Sad Happends

"Hey, there my name is Louis" says a figure coming up behind me. "I believe you are in trouble for killing my friend Niall, and almost killing my BFF Harry" he snaps his fingers in a V-shape very sassy like, in the air .

"Wow Louis" I say "I'm sorry, but you're mistaken. Harry was hit by a speeding car, I didn't tell I'm to do anything, I'm promise" I say breaking down into tears. 

"Your'e lieing" yells Louis shoving me to the ground. "You're dead" he says pinning me down to the ground. I was in pain..I kept on thinking how could a hosipital let this happen to me? All of a sudden a crazy idea comes to my mind. I brought my lips to his. It was magic. He helped me up, and apoligsed to me.

"Hey, look I'm really sorry, I have been having a ruff week, and I now loose one of my best friends, I'm just a mess right now." says Louis with tears sliding down his cheeks, while holding me in his arms. I stand on my tippy toes kissing him agian. This time he kissed back.

"That a good kiss" I say winking at him

"I think I might like you now, no, I think I love you" says Louis.... oh no not this agian

"Louis, we just met, litallary, we just met, I'm sorry Louis this is going wayyyy to fast, and also why is everyone love me?"

"It's because you are beautiful, you are determined, strong, perfect and amazing."

BOOM an earth quake hits Louis runs over to me and puts his arms around me, protecting my head, he sets me under a small tabel. Only enough room for one person. Louis starts running to the other tabel, but as he's running a piece of roof falls through the cealing, hitting Louis in the head, as he collapes to the ground my hole world went black, I woke up hours later to a member of emergency crew members trying to get a part or a wall off my new crused legs.

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