That is What Makes Me Beautiful

Susanna is a Directioner with an abusive mother but what happends when not one, not two, not 3, not four but all five members of One Direction fall in love with her! Read to out what happends! :)


3. Drama Has Arrived!

I'm at the hospital, pacing back and forth, waiting for the news on Harry. Then I see Niall coming down the hall. "Hey Niall! what are you doing here?" after I asked my question, I realize how obious it is, he's here to see Harry. 

"I'm here to see if Harry is OK because Paul told me he was in an accident"

"Yes he was in an accident" I tell Niall

"Well that's horrible" I see Niall is falling apart inside. "I'm hungry is they're any food around here?" he says breaking the silence. Niall left and came back awhile later with nandos. "Here have some of my food" then around the corner, came Liam

"Wow! Niall's sharing his food with you! He must really like you" says Liam grinning. 

"What? I just met you Niall"

"What I thought you loved me!"

"I'm sorry I can't love someone I just met 5 minutes ago, I'm sorry but, I think I love Harry." Even though that's the amount of time I had talked to Harry. With him sparks flew. I decided to not say anything. "I love Harry" Niall drops his food on the ground and runs away. "No Niall come back!" I yell but it is too late Niall jumps off the roof. (how he got there that fast/access to the roof...that part remains a mystery) I run to the stairs and down four flights and run to where Niall was. "Niall I'm sorry please don't die I didn't think that you would try to kill yourself!" I say. Niall's eyes slowly slide close, and a teardrop glissins on his cheek....

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