That is What Makes Me Beautiful

Susanna is a Directioner with an abusive mother but what happends when not one, not two, not 3, not four but all five members of One Direction fall in love with her! Read to out what happends! :)


2. A Tragic Accident

"Want to come over to my house for dinner? asked Harry

"I'd love that" I say smiling.

"Lets go!" Harry says in a goofy voice leading the way to his house. His hand in mine, as we walk down the street towards his house. Following him to a big mansion which, oddley enough I hadn't notcied before. Also another thing which is strange was his house was actually just down the street from my own house.

"This is really close to where I live" I tell Harry

"Awesome, I live here" he says pointing to a row of houses.

"But, which one is your house?" I question. He pointes to a big house. "Wow!" I exclaim "That's an amazing house!"

"Shall we go inside?" Harry says letting go of my hand and looking across the street. Harry starts crossing the street. But, out of no where a car comes speeding down the street. BANG the car hits Harry and he is now lieing on the street, not moving at all. 

"No! Harry" I yell running and putting a hand on his chest. "Harry" I say inbetween sobs. "Please don't be dead! I love you Harry"

Just before his eyes close he manages to say "I love you too, Susanna"

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