That is What Makes Me Beautiful

Susanna is a Directioner with an abusive mother but what happends when not one, not two, not 3, not four but all five members of One Direction fall in love with her! Read to out what happends! :)


1. I Met Harry When I Was Walking Home From School!

I was walking home from school and I was so sad. Just last weak, my abusive mother told me that my aunt died. My aunt was the only person in my life I coud trust. Right now I was walking to no particular place at all, just getting trying to get away from home, it was raining, but I didn't care. I look up and I see Harry Styles, I was in shock! So, I decided to go say hello. "Hi" I said, trying to sound calm. 

"Hello! What's your name?" he says while smiling 

"Susanna" I reply. He smiles agian. 

"That's such a beautiful name" he said looking into my eyes, while taking my hand and holding it. "You are probaly the most beautiful girl I have ever seen" I blush all the way down to my toes while looking nervously at the ground. No one has ever told me I was beautiful before. But I know I am. When I was little, about 7 years old, I was a model but my abusive mom would hit me and tell me I wasn't beautiful enough so the agencies I went to started to beleive her and fierd me being a model! But now I am standing with someone who really belives I'm beautiful, that person is Harry Styles. So tell me mother who is laughing now!

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