First Love

This is a short story and my first story about a girl named Emma.


1. The Beginning

I know it's kind of bad, but I find it hard to remember where my first love began. In the summer of 2000, the wind beat down on my sunglasses as I lay in Cali trying to tan my pale skin. I let out a sigh and looked up. He was there.
Names aren't exactly important, do we'll say his name was Jake. His big brown eyes and spiked blonde hair reminded me of a pool boy or a lifeguard. "Can I have the ball?" he asked, almost quietly. I sat there confused as he pointed behind me. I laughed and said, "Go get it. Lazy," murmuring the last part. He walked behind me and picked up the volleyball, walking across the hot sand to the field.
I took off my sunglasses and yelled to him, "Bet I can beat you." He smirked and I stood up, challenging him. He looked me up and down and I felt a little self-conscious. "Fine, but if I win, you have to buy me a smoothie." I grinned, "And if I win?" "We'll see about that later."
I beat him. Swept him, actually,but I couldn't tell if he was letting me. He took me out for a coffee and we talked. We talked until the end of the day, and I wasn't sure if I liked him or not.
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