First Love

This is a short story and my first story about a girl named Emma.


2. Another Date

As I remember, I left the coffee shop after saying goodbye, and he chased after me."When can I see you again?" He shouted to me. I just smiled and disappeared behind the corner. I grabbed a newspaper, scanning over the latest news. Jake was on the cover, competitive beach volleyball winner of the state. I felt a smile creep over my face, and I think that's when I started falling for him.
Returning to my beach spot the next day, I found it occupied. Jake smiled and lifted up his sun glasses. Stalker? It didn't faze me. He was too cute. Jake said, "Wanna take a walk?" I nodded. It was the peak of the day, sun brig and shining. He held out his hand, intending for me to take it. I pretended I didn't notice and kept walking.
I saw his face drop a little,but what summer without a little fun.
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