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Sophia Blackman turns up to school on the first day of her final year. The popular girl's still there, the boring teacher's still there but one thing's different though, there's a new maths teacher. He goes by the name of Mr Styles. With his stunning emerald eyes, luscious, chocolate brown locks and gorgeous smile, all the girls are swooning over him, including Sophia.
Will she let herself fall for the gorgeous new maths teacher? Or will she stop herself from falling for him more than she already has? Read on to find out!


3. Some Alone Time


Chapter 3-

Some Alone Time


I shuffled out of my bed this morning, it was surprisingly warm outside considering it was September. I pulled on a pair of high-waisted shorts matched with a crop tank top and my new pair of doc martens.

(Sophia’s outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/some_alone_time/set?id=60195428 )

After school today I had extension work so I wanted to look good for Mr Styles.

After eating a substantial breakfast I made my way down to the school yard which was literally 3 blocks away from my house.

I arrived just in time to throw my bag into my locker and make my way over to my first lesson. Of course all I could think about Mr Styles. Lunch was nearing and as I made my way over to sit next to Gabi who was already devouring the food on her plate.

“Heyy Gabi.” I said as I took a seat opposite her.

“Heyy Soph.” She said back.

“I’ve got this pop quiz in History. I need to revise badly.” I whined to Gabi who seemed to be in a trance of her own. I tried to figure out what exactly she was looking at, then I realised. But before I could say anything Gabi spoke, “You know Mr Styles is looking right at you!” She squealed, trying to sound discreet but definitely failing. I tried covering up her mouth to prevent her saying anything else.

“No he isn’t.” I snapped back, obviously trying to cover up the truth. He was looking right at me with no shame. Suddenly his head snapped up as another teacher required his attention. I looked to Gabi biting my lip.

“I think he likes you.” She admitted. Could he really like me? No way.

“Gabi he’s my teacher. He doesn’t like me, and sure he’s good looking, but I don’t like him in that way.” I retorted. But in reality, I did like him that way. I would literally do anything to be in his arms, he was only four years older than me so it wasn’t that much of a difference. God some celebrities date people twice their age!!!!!!!

“Sophia, if I were a young good looking guy, I would love to get my hands on you!!” Okay, that was a total surprise coming from my best friend.

“You did not just say that!?” I pretended to gasp.

“I did just say that.” She stood up leaving the food on the table, giving me a smirk before making her way back to the corridor to pick up her books for last period.

Last period, those two words used to be utter hatred on my tongue. Now I found that I could barely live without them. Last period meant maths, the subject I was best at, but they also meant seeing a lot of Mr Styles and they also meant the lesson before school finished for the day and I got to spend more time with Mr Styles. I headed over to class, I was the first one in the room so I decided to take a seat up the front. I wasn’t really an attention seeker so I used to sit towards the back of the room, but Mr Styles brought out the other side of me. The bright, happy, involved side that no one else ever saw at school or at home.

Mr Styles looked up from his desk and flashed me a warm smile. I felt a blush creep up onto my cheeks and I tried to disguise it by turning my head to look at the desk before me flipping through my maths text book.

“Okay class,” he paused as everyone took their seats, “today we will be looking at algebraic equations.” I heard groans fill the classroom, but this only gave Mr Styles more pleasure. I smiled to myself. Algebraic equations were easy, you just had to crack the code.

He wrote one up on the board, my hand shot up. “Yes, Miss Blackman?” he asked grinning, obviously he knew that I knew the answer. I gave him the correct answer, also giving the class the formula, which sent them into a further haze of confusion.

After class I stayed back lingering at my desk. I fiddled with the pencil on my desk, before looking at Harry who was standing next to his desk gesturing for me to come sit on the chair next to it.

He started writing sums on the board. I figured them out with ease. Was this supposed to be extension? Every time he tried giving me harder sums I figured them out within 5 minutes.

“Sophia, you know you’re pretty amazing with maths? You can go on to do anything. What are you thinking of doing at university?”

“Well I haven’t really thought about university....” he cut me off.

“You must go to university!!” he cried out.

“But Mr Styles, well I was thinking of college, because my family can’t afford to send me to uni.”

“I see, try for a scholarship and I’ll give you a recommendation.”  Going to university was my dream, but we could never afford.

“Are you serious? Thank you so much Mr Styles.”

“You are a very intelligent and beautiful girl.” Wait did he just say I was beautiful?

I felt myself blush slightly.

He coughed trying to cover up the fact he just called one of his students beautiful, “ummm, I’ll see you in maths tomorrow and then after school on Friday.” He nodded picking up his bag and throwing on his coat.

I waved to him as we exited the classroom, both walking in different directions.

I walked over to the front where my mother would pick me up from. All I could think about was what Mr Styles (or Harry) said to me. Did he really call me beautiful? I took a seat in my mum’s car.

“Sweetheart are you okay? You seem to be a bit out of it.”

“I’m fine mum.” I said blankly going back to my daydreaming.

“It’s a boy isn’t it?” she knew me too well. Well, he wasn’t really a boy.

I reluctantly nodded.

“Who is it?”

Yeh mum, it’s my teacher. There was no way in hell I could say that to her. “A guy from school.” It wasn’t exactly the truth but it wasn’t a lie. He was from my school.

Thankfully, we pulled up just in time so that mum couldn’t ask me anymore questions. I opened the door and ran up into my room, changing into comfortable clothes and getting stuck into homework.


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