M3 + Y0U

Sophia Blackman turns up to school on the first day of her final year. The popular girl's still there, the boring teacher's still there but one thing's different though, there's a new maths teacher. He goes by the name of Mr Styles. With his stunning emerald eyes, luscious, chocolate brown locks and gorgeous smile, all the girls are swooning over him, including Sophia.
Will she let herself fall for the gorgeous new maths teacher? Or will she stop herself from falling for him more than she already has? Read on to find out!


1. New Year. New Day.

M3 + Y0U


Sometimes you can’t help who you fall in love with. You know, a bit like Romeo and Juliet. Apart from the fact he was older than her, their families were rivals, they lived distances away from each other. But despite all that, they really did prove love conquers all.


“We shouldn’t be doing this.” He said taking a step away from his current position. 

I leaned forward tapping his bare chest and looking up into his eyes. They were filled with lust and passion, but also concern.

“Does it feel right?” I asked carefully, my hand was still placed on his toned chest and I could feel his heart beat through the warm flesh. 
He just looked at me not saying a word.

I repeated myself, “Does it feel right? Does this feel right?”

He opened his mouth to speak but I had cupped his face and attached his lips to mine. He locked his long arms around my waist. The kiss became more passionate by the second. By now he had me pinned up against the wall, my tiny hands still firmly placed on his chest.

We pulled away and I swear fireworks were going off around us. It was a feeling neither of us had ever felt before. 

He took my hand, holding it in his own and simply said, “yes”.


Chapter 1-

The alarm rang through my ears as I escaped my dreams and entered reality. Today was the first day of my final school year. I got up out of bed and hopped into the shower preparing for the day ahead of me. I wasn’t a popular girl but I wasn’t an outcast either. I stuck with my close friend Gabi and nothing ever happened to us.
I picked out a Ramones top (cos I absolutely love their music) and some ripped skinny jeans. I paired that outfit up with a pair of combat boots and let my hair naturally air dry.

I walked downstairs and was met by my mum. I lived with mum, dad and my older siblings; my brother, Nate and my sister, Tessa and her boyfriend, Jesse. 

I walked over and grabbed a piece of toast stuffing it down my mouth before giving mum a kiss goodbye and heading out through the door.

It was a nice sunny day considering it was September. I met Gabi at the gates.

“Hey Sophia! Long time no see!” she yelled.

“I saw you last week.” I retorted remembering our drunken incident.

“Haha, I know Soph. But it feels like forever. Anyway, apparently there’s this new teacher who’s really good looking and all the girls are buzzing over him. He’s a maths teacher so I bet I’ll start actually handing in my maths homework.” 

I laughed at her lack of responsibility.

“Ok, let’s see what all this fuss is about!” We had to leave our bags in our lockers and collect our timetables from the office.

“I’ve got maths first period!” She screamed.

“I’ve got it last.” I said back, a little bit jealous that she would meet the new teacher first. But, this year Gabi and I had no classes together so that kinda sucked.

“I’ll see you later then.” She waved me off and we headed our separate ways. 

The day went by as usual. All the same until I reached maths. I walked into the classroom and there was a new vibe to it. It seemed brighter and warmer. I looked over at the desk and saw a handsome young man sitting behind it. All I saw was a mop of chocolate brown curls scrolling through an ipad. He glanced up showing impressive green eyes and a gorgeous smile accompanied with dimples. He gave me a glance and I swear that we had a moment. Or maybe it was me just hallucinating but anyways. I took a seat to the side of the classroom blending in with all the other students.

As the new teacher turned around all of the girls started swooning over him. I too was swooning over him, but the whole world didn’t need to know. He seriously was gorgeous. “Hi class, my name is Mr Styles. I will be your new maths teacher as Mr White has retired.” He spoke with a husky slow accent.

“Any questions, class?”

Most of the girl’s hands were raised. All the questions were expected. “Are you single?” “How old are you?” “Are you an only child?” And then I raised my own hand. “Umm,you. Sorry what’s your name?” He asked, pointing at me.

“Umm, Sophia Blackman. My question is what drove you towards becoming a teacher, specifically maths?” I questioned. That was a total face palm moment. Why would I ask such a stupid question?

“Sophia, that’s a great question. Well, I’ve always liked being around people and I guess teaching was a great way to do it. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher who can relate to students and can understand them. And well, maths.... I’m sure all you guys hate it. So I wanna change your way of thinking.” He grinned. That was a perfect answer, can he get anymore perfect?

The bell went after several more questions were answered. Turns out he has one sister, he likes the Rolling Stones, he is single, he’s 22 cos he skipped a grade in high school and a year in uni (this boy must be a genius) and a few other things.

“Miss Blackman could you stay back for a minute?” Mr Styles looked up from his desk as the students filed out of the classroom. I nodded as I picked up all my belongings. I made my way over to the desk at the front and he batted his eyelashes casually. I placed my belongings on the desk as I stood nervously in front of him, waiting for him to speak.

“Sophia, I have seen your file and you have an extensive knowledge on maths I see. You are extremely brilliant. It reminds me of me, I guess.” He paused and smiled, probably reminiscing on his school years, “How would you feel about an extension class?”

“I’m not that great.” I shook my head. I didn’t know how to answer.

He had a shocked look on his face, “You are amazing at maths. All of your past tests are well over pass mark! So what do you think?”

Extra time with this sexy guy, I’m not turning it down! ;)

“When will these extension lessons be?” I asked.

“After school or before school? Is that okay?” He asked me.

“Well, I have work after school on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.”

“How about Wednesday and Friday straight after class?”

“The problem is my parents work at that time and they can’t pick me up.” My father didn’t really like me walking home after school. But I walked to work which was, like, right next to the school.

“I could drop you home. If that’s okay with you?”

I nodded, “that should be fine. Thankyou. When are we starting?”

“This Wednesday if that’s alright.”

I nodded picking up my books. “sure, bye Mr Styles.” I waved with my free hand.

He waved back, then looked down at the stack of papers he already had to mark.


My first day here was going pretty well. Most of the girls were trying to flirt with me, but I really wasn’t interested. Age didn’t really matter. It rarely mattered to me. But I had just gotten out of a serious relationship, I loved her sure, but she just got so clingy. I had to move on so I moved to another city to start a new life.

The day went by quickly. I got to the last lesson of the day and that’s when she walked in. She had beautiful blue eyes which stood out from the rest of her face. Her long blonde hair swung down to her waist and she walked naturally. I didn’t know her name nor had I ever met her before. She sat down at a table towards the back. There was one moment where our eyes connected, there was something there-

Stop Harry. 

She’s your student.

While the students were working I looked down at her file, her name was Sophia Blackman and she seemed like a maths genius. It reminded me of me.

She stared up at me from her desk across the room. She was gorgeous I couldn’t deny it, I barely knew her yet she had an aura about her. I guess I would learn more about her over the year.

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