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Sophia Blackman turns up to school on the first day of her final year. The popular girl's still there, the boring teacher's still there but one thing's different though, there's a new maths teacher. He goes by the name of Mr Styles. With his stunning emerald eyes, luscious, chocolate brown locks and gorgeous smile, all the girls are swooning over him, including Sophia.
Will she let herself fall for the gorgeous new maths teacher? Or will she stop herself from falling for him more than she already has? Read on to find out!


5. Consequences

Chapter 5-



She couldn’t be here. But I recognised that hair and body from anywhere. Before she could turn I started pushing the cart into the next isle as fast as I could.

“Harry!!” She shrilled. I continued to pace hoping she wouldn’t persist but she did. I didn’t dare turn around, instead I walked faster. But the more I quickened my pace the more her voice neared.

“Harry!!! It’s me!!” She squealed again.

It would be rude of me to keep going if I had clearly heard her, so I stopped what was the worst that could happen?

“Harry!” her high pitched voice rang through my ears again. What did I ever see in her? She dove onto me and engulfed me in a bone-crushing hug.

“Uhh, Kaitlin. How have you been?” I asked trying to sound polite as I pushed her off of me lightly.

“Harry, I’ve been okay. But it’s so good to see you again, you don’t know how much I’ve missed you.”

I seriously didn’t know what to say. I certainly didn’t miss her back!!

“Harry, I was thinking we go out for dinner Friday night?”

Was she serious? I didn’t wanna go out with her.
“Uhh, I really can’t. I’m busy.”

“Another time I guess. Saturday?” She asked again.

“Uhh I-

She cut me off, “How come you’ve been ignoring all my calls and my texts?”

“Changed my number.” I answered blankly and it was the truth.

“Oh.. I really think we should give us another go. I mean we’re both more mature now.” She smiled sweetly, but she had it all wrong! I was mature, but she needed to grow up. All the love I had for her went out the window a long time ago.

“I don’t think so, I’m just not ready yet.” I said before gripping my shopping cart ready to walk off.

“There’s someone else isn’t there? What’s her name? Where does she work? How do you know her?” And this was exactly why I left her, she could never trust me. Kaitlin never respected the fact that I was her only and that I could be trusted, so I left her.

Truth be told, technically I really like Sophia but we weren’t going out and we most likely never would. God, she probably didn’t even like me back and the age gap was probably another reason for her, it didn't really bother me. If I told her I liked her she would probably think I was some perverted psycho out on the loose. 
“There is no one else. But we just aren’t going to work out. Kaitlin, you should fine someone who’s gonna treat you right. You can’t make me fall in love with you. You and I, we, lost the love a long time ago. I really have to go now. Bye.” I said whilst walking off.


I was back in town for Harry, I searched him up and found out where he moved but his number was private so I could only see the town he now lived in. It was a little bit out of London. I was desperate to see him again, to give our relationship another chance!

As I walked into the supermarket I vaguely saw a figure that looked like him. But it couldn’t be him, could it? I cautiously walked a little bit further to get a better look of the figure, he had the same body shape and hair as Harry and he was even wearing the signature beanie that Harry always wore.

I was sure it was him, I started waving my arms in the air calling his name repetitively. He obviously couldn’t hear me. Poor darling, always had an issue with those ears!!

“Harry!!! It’s me.” He stopped abruptly as I ran over to him, jumping into his warm body, smelling his familiar scent.

I started speaking to him but he seemed far away and disinterested. He turned down all my offers for dinner and didn’t get the hint that I wanted his number. 

As he started to walk off a thought hit me. I wasn’t going to let him off the hook, I was a persistent person! I grabbed his arm as he was making his way out of the isle towards the check-out. With his struggling body in my arms I made my way over to a wall that was visible to everyone in the supermarket. I turned around so that it looked like Harry had me up against the wall. With all my strength I pulled his reluctant hands to my face so that they were cupping it. I grinded our bodies together. Harry still had a confused look on his face, I brought his lips to mine before I started squirming underneath him, making it look like he was assaulting me.

I muffled out words like, “someone help he’s assaulting me!!!!”. Instantly people came rushing to my side pulling Harry off me, I used my best acting skills to look shaken up. One customer called up the police. This was turning out perfect!

I soon heard the sirens, and looked up to see Harry’s face, a mixture of expressions were written upon it. Disgust, embarrassment, confusion.

This was the way Kaitlin rolled, I wanted him to see the consequences he had to put up with when he turned me down.

Last time he went away I was a heart-broken wreck, but now I was back stronger than ever and ready to get him back.


I was running out to the supermarket to buy some more milk and bread for the cafe. It was quite small, so stocks were usually low and a lot of the time my shifts consisted of me buying more food and drink. I walked through the entrance and started making my way over to the bread section but my eyes met two people and they were arguing.

It was Mr Styles and the woman I saw earlier on at the cafe. I crouched down into a hiding position as I watched their conversation occurring before my own eyes. He started to walk away looking aggravated. But she stayed positioned in her spot smirking, suddenly she pulled his arm, tugging him over to a wall. He looked reluctant and confused, but she kept pulling until it looked like he was assaulting her. She yelled and pretended to kick when she was probably enjoying herself. 

A number of people started crowding around them and one even called the police I think. 

In a matter of time the police arrived and I started edging towards the crowd do I could see what was going on now. I saw Mr Styles arms held together behind him by a policeman.

He looked up and met my eyes for a second. I thought this would probably be the time that I should walk away, but instead I found myself walking further towards Mr Styles.

“Do you have anyone to testify for you?” I heard the officer say to Mr Styles.

“Well, n-

I was now standing behind him as I interrupted. What the hell was I doing? I barely even knew Mr Styles. Sure he seemed like a nice guy but for all I knew he could be some criminal. But something told me he wasn’t and this so-called crime seemed like a mistake.

"Ye-ye-yes I saw.”

“Who are you?” the police officer boomed.

“Umm, Sophia Blackman. I’m a.....”

“She’s a friend.” Harry finished for me, thankfulness filling his eyes.

The police officer pulled out a pen and notepad from his back pocket. “Please go on, tell me what you have to say.”

“Well I work at the cafe nearby and I-I-I had to buy some milk and bread when I saw Mr Styles and the lady. They both seemed to be arguing. As I was walking p-past Mr... Harry walked away from the lady, but the lady seemed content on continuing the conversation with Mr Styles so she dragged him with her and made it seem as if he was a-assaulting her.” I was quivering by now, I had never spoken to an officer before.

“Thank you Miss Blackman. You may be needed again if further charges are pressed but for now you are free to go. Mr Styles, you will be kept until all witnesses have give statements.”

Harry nodded wearily. He was probably really tired after a long day at work and just wanted to get home. But this had to happen. And trust me out of all students to be here, so I had to suffer the consequences.



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