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Sophia Blackman turns up to school on the first day of her final year. The popular girl's still there, the boring teacher's still there but one thing's different though, there's a new maths teacher. He goes by the name of Mr Styles. With his stunning emerald eyes, luscious, chocolate brown locks and gorgeous smile, all the girls are swooning over him, including Sophia.
Will she let herself fall for the gorgeous new maths teacher? Or will she stop herself from falling for him more than she already has? Read on to find out!


4. Afraid Of Love


Chapter 4-

Afraid of Love


I woke up in streams of sweat, my heart was racing 100 beats per minute. I dreamt the same reoccurring dream this morning. Harry and I together after school with a knock at the door.

I couldn’t do this anymore, I couldn’t face Harry anymore without thinking about him sexually. It was becoming hard to concentrate in class even though I knew all the answers. I even found it hard to complete homework, leaving it up to the last minute to complete because all I would be thinking about was Harry.

But I mean just about every other teenage girl was probably thinking about him too. I knew he would never fall for me. Clearly I was too young for him and it was illegal for students and teachers to have relationships.

I pulled on an outfit, ate some breakfast and headed out.

I was already running late for school and I was bound to get detention. I sprinted into the grounds and entered the corridor only to bump into a tall figure.

“Sophia?” He questioned.

Why was Mr Styles out in the corridor, he had first period lesson.

“Mr Styles.”

“Aren’t you supposed to be in class?” He asked me.

“I was running late, but aren’t you supposed to be teaching?” I asked him back naturally.

“I have a course but I will be back later today. Here I’ll walk you to class.”

This. This was why I was falling for Mr Styles more each day. He seemed to understand all of his students and treated them properly.

Once we arrived at the door of my class Mr Styles walked in behind me, instead of leaving at the door.

“I’m sorry Miss Green, but I desperately needed to talk to Miss Blackman about a Maths Extension. Please excuse her.” Mr Styles said perfectly with pleading eyes.

That was so nice of him and I couldn’t help but admire the way he stuck up for his students.

“Yes Mr Styles that’s just fine. Please take a seat Sophia.” I walked to the only seat available which was at the back of the room. Mr Styles shot me a smile before closing the door and leaving.

I didn’t see Harry today at all until Maths. Ever since his comment yesterday he’s barely spoken to me and whenever I raised my hand an awkward feeling would fill the air, before I answered. Also, Mr Styles seemed distant and far away.



As she walked into the room I so badly wanted to say something about how I truly felt. But I knew that after my comment yesterday a barrier had been put up between us. I could no longer look into her eyes without shame. But her beauty possessed me. And yes that last sentence sounded like something out of Shakespeare.

Out of the many girlfriends I had over the years I had never felt like this before. The longest relationship I ever had was with Kaitlin. She was my last girlfriend. I met her in my last school year and we got along really well. But then she wanted to get into Art School and I had my ambition of becoming a teacher. The more time we spent apart, the clingier she got. She didn’t seem to trust me anymore and as the years went on, she wanted to get more physical however I wanted to have a loving relationship. Sure, I’ve had sex. But I liked keeping it to a limit. She went crazy, so I ended the relationship but she had somehow ended up in a state that surely was not healthy, she forced herself into believing we were together. I moved away to get away from it all.

Since then I’ve been afraid of falling in love. But with Sophia it was different, I was falling slowly, but surely.

As class finished she walked past me without giving me smile like she usually did. Sophia walked past quickly and effortlessly getting mixed up in the big crowd of teenagers waiting to get out of school for the day.

I packed up all of my bags and grabbed my jacket before heading out back to my apartment. Once I arrived I opened the door to my apartment which was on the 2nd floor of the complex.

I rummaged for some food in my fridge realising I had nothing. I quickly grabbed my keys and switched the car on, before heading to the local store.

I parked the car and walked into the air-conditioned supermarket. I walked around picking up groceries and placing them into the cart. That’s when I saw her.



I walked out of class placing all of my stationery into my bag and then headed out of the school grounds. I made my way over to my work. A small cafe owned by an elderly couple. As I walked in I couldn’t help but wonder if I would ever find someone like that, someone to spend the rest of my life with. I know I didn’t want end up like the old women who own 15 cats with names like Eugine, Wilbur and well you know what I mean.......

I started my shift, serving customers and washing up dishes and cups. A woman in her early 20s walked in looking quite lost.

“Can I help you?” I asked politely from behind the counter.

She tapped her fingers on the counter before answering, “Umm yes dear. Can you tell me where the nearest supermarket is?”
“Yep just around the corner.”

“Thankyou Sophia.” She said hastily, looking down at my name tag. She waved me off before heading out of the cafe and rounding the corner, her long blonde blowing behind her in the wind as she walked off.

As she walked off my mind instantly played off to thinking about Harry, wondering if he would ever act like he did again.



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