The Bracelet of Lambazini


3. Sunrise

Chapter 3-

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Tap, tap, tap. It is an odd noise, waking me from my dream about all the deer I want to catch. Tap, tap, tap. I groan quietly.  Looking out the small window I see the shape of a bird, with the sun behind it. Wait, what? I missed sunrise?! I let out another groan.


I get out of bed quickly and quietly, making sure not to wake up Leise. Once I reach the window I am able to see the bird more clearly. It is Dart, Beau’s peregrine falcon. Opening the window I untie the small piece of parchment around one of his legs. Whilst I read Beau’s note, Dart is nipping me affectionately.

In the dim light I could only just make out the note:


Me and Will are going to Willow’s Place. Meet us there in an hour. Sunrise

Beau and Will

I shake my head at his bad grammar. I look at Dart and utter two barely audible commands, “Stay, answer.” With that I turn and make my way out of the room, not bothering to close the door behind myself.

I quietly pass mum and father’s room, making my way to the study. I shuffle through father’s many papers until I find what I am looking for. Plain parchment, I grab a quill and an inkpot. I begin to write.

Beau, Will

Should be there on time, possibly time for bit of hunting. Few past sunrise.


I return to Dart and tie the note to his leg. “Message, Beau, fast,” I order him quietly. Dart hops out to the window and takes off. Once circling overhead one he flies in the direction of the forest.

I get dressed in my leggings and shirt. Putting on my hunting boots, I make my way to the stable. “Come on girl, time to go hunting,” I say softly to my horse, Lyria.

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