The Bracelet of Lambazini


2. Father

Chapter 2-


Mum is leaning against father, I think she fainted. There is a red slap mark on her face. Father is managing to look worried and annoyed at the same time. Three of the riders are sitting on our wooden chairs, the other two are standing. None are interested in mum, but the small one is closer to my parents. I go over to mum and father. As gently as possible father leans mum against me, as I struggle under her weight, he goes to the door and opens it. “Get out, now” he says in a dangerously quiet voice, “and never come back to my village, again.” The one sitting between the other two riders gets up, and says, “We will get what we want,” his icy voice makes my hair stand on end, but he gets up, as do his followers, and walks out the door.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mum is lying on the floor in the living room. Is has been 20 minutes since the mysterious riders have left, and she is still out cold. I put her head down gently, get up and go out the back door. I quickly haul some water up from the well, but making sure to only fill it with a few centimetres of water. I go inside carrying the bucket of water. Ignoring Father’s questions I look at my mum. A thought strikes me, if this works mum will kill me. I mentally shrug before throwing the water on her face.

Mum’s eyes fly open with a start, “What the,” then she sees me holding the bucket. “Oh,” is all she says. I put the bucket down and go to her side, “Are you ok mum?” I ask trying to keep the concern out of my voice. She ignores me and instead asks, “How much did you tell her Marcur?” I look at father, “Tell me what!?” Upon hearing this mum relaxes. “Go to bed, Storm,” Father says quietly, I immediately reply, “Why Da-" He gives me a stern look and says with quiet anger, “Now.” Biting back my reply I get up and go to my room.

Lying in my bed I think about that day. The day Dad changed to Father.


I awoke to the smell of eggs and bacon, I hearing the bacon sizzle and outside the leaves of the trees were all different shades of orange and red. I smiled. Autumn. My favourite season of the year. I get up and dress in my usual leather leggings, white linen shirt and my sheepskin vest, intending to go hunting later in the day.

I walk into our dining room Mum is working away at the fire place, as usual. Leise is trying to read, making sure Dad won’t catch her. Dad, however, is nowhere to been seen. Probably doing mayor business, being oblivious to the outside world, as usual.

Just another normal day, I think in disgust. Nothing exciting ever happens in Azzrah, except for the odd weather, I muse. I set about oiling my bow, daydreaming about what I will catch later in the afternoon.

“Storm?” I hear a stern voice ask. “Hmmm, oh yes Mum?” She looks at me in disbelief, “I’ve been trying to ‘reach’ you for ten minutes.” I can feel my face going as red as the leaves outside. “Sorry,” I apologise, flashing a quick grin. A small smile appears on mum’s lips, “No matter, please go take the food to your Dad he’s in the study, again.” She says rolling her eyes.

I quickly get up, putting my bow on its leather wrappings. I hurry outside to the well and wash my hands. Mum is in the living room, holding a plate with some food on it, I assume it is Dad’s. Taking it, I walk towards the study seeing the door is closed I do the polite thing and barge through the door yelling “Breakfast Dad!” at the top of my lungs. Smiling he gets up, “Ok sweetheart,” scowling I give him the plate, which makes him laugh. He knows I hate it when I am called sweetheart.

As I turn and make for the door I hear him ask, “Storm, are you going hunting this afternoon?” I turn around looking at him like he is an idiot, “Of course, Dad. Why wouldn’t I?”  He smiles, “Ok, are you going with anyone?” I try not to show any emotion on my face. He hates it when I go hunting alone he thinks someone ‘bad’ will do something to me. I can’t help myself though, “Dad, do I have to go with someone? I mean I take my bow, plenty of arrows, and my knives.” I ask in a whiney voice. Sighing he answers, “Storm, don’t start this again, you know it is useless and will not change my mind.” I turn around so he can’t see my face. “Fine Dad,” I say sarcastically thinking all of the times I have gone hunting alone without his knowing. “Oh, and Storm?” I don’t turn around but I stay where I am, “Yes Dad?”

 I then hear something that makes me very confused, it makes me feel lonely and as though I have done something to disappoint him. I heard, “Don’t ever call me Dad again, I am you Father and that is what you will call me from now on.”

~~~End of Flashback~~~


Two months from that day I still have no explanation as to why I must call my dad Father, but I am determined to find out.

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