The Bracelet of Lambazini


6. At Knife Point


Chapter Six-

At Knife Point

A gruff but menacing voice speaks, “Nobody move or the girl gets it.” The man holding me at knife point grabs my arm and pins me against a tree so I can’t move.  I watch as Beau puts his hands on his head, to my surprise Will does not. In his eyes I see he is furious.

“What do you want?” Beau says in a controlled voice, without a trace of fear in his tone. In the trees behind me I hear four voices laughing. Five, there are five. Not bad odds, three against five, not ideal but not bad.

The man that is holding me ignores Beau’s question and instead addresses Will, “Put your hands on your head, boy.” Beau looks worried and I am fearful, I silently beg Will not to do anything stupid. Will ignores my silent plea and does exactly the opposite of what I had in mind.

“No,” Will says, not bothering to keep the hatred and anger out of his voice. The man holding me presses the knife harder to my throat, drawing some blood. “No?” He asks, “No, the boy said no?!” More laughter could be heard from the trees behind me. “Ern, why don’t you convince out little hero to change his mind.”

A big, burly man with muscles all over stepped forward. He had red hair, a medium length beard and he had tattoos all over his arms and one on his face. The one on his face was a clan tattoo. It was two wave-like shapes with dotted lines underneath them. Then at the very bottom there was a spear. All was in black ink and neatly done. I didn’t know what clan he was from but it was one by the sea. It didn’t matter. If we didn’t do something fast Will would be dead meat.

Ern moves closer towards Will and Beau. Will stands his ground. Beau takes his hands off of his head and sighs as he backs up. I look at Beau desperately, but he shakes his head slowly as if to say no, not yet. Deciding the Beau wouldn’t be any help I look at Will, he meets my gaze but looks away too quickly for me to try and silently plead with him.

“Come on girlie, you don’t want to see this,” says the man that is holding me as he yanks me towards the other bandits, still keeping the knife hard against my throat. I resist, not caring about the knife cutting my throat. “Fine, you want to see it? You will.” He pushes me against the tree and pins me again. The knife is still up hard against me throat, I try to swallow but I can’t. The man loosens the knife a bit and I ask, “What do you want with us?”

“Ern, take care of the boy.” The man, Ern, grins evilly as he moves closer to Will. Beau moves back further, but Will, (the pig-headed idiot I think) hasn’t moved in the slightest. I can’t help it, I gasp when I see Will get punched in the stomach, making him double over. Ern grabs his shoulder and pushes him upright punching him in the eye before throwing him six metres into a tree.

A sly voice calls out from behind me, “Youo, she gasped.” The man holding the knife, Youo, studies me then Will. A smile crosses his face, but it looks horribly disfigured with all of his scars. Will groans weakly and looks up at me, “Ahhh so he is your boyfriend, eh? I wonder how he will like this.” With that he increases the pressure on the knife so I can’t say anything and he kisses me on the lips. His rough lips on mine, I could taste all the sweat and dirt. He pulls back, seemingly satisfied. I feel disgusted.

“You asked what I was going to do with you.” I nod weakly, my knees felt weak. “The boys, I will sell into slavery and you.” His blue eyes look directly at my grey ones, “You will be mine.” He kisses me again, and I feel like throwing up. His eyes are hungry and wild. He lays his free hand upon my breasts, feeling them as he forces his tongue into my mouth.

Then he stops. Everything stops. There is no more pressure on my neck. He is no longer kissing me, nor feeling my breasts. He just falls on top of me. I push him off me, wondering what happened. He had just died, and then I see the arrow sticking out of his side.

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