The Bracelet of Lambazini


5. A Weapon


Chapter 5-

A Weapon

I don’t look at the trees, but instead say in a quiet voice “Act normally. Pretend we don’t know that they are there.” Will looks at me and nods and waits for Beau. “Fly, watch intruder,” Beau says to Dart. As Dart takes off Will begins talking again.

“Ok. Now are we ready to see my creation?” Both Beau and I nod as Will pulls ‘it’ out from behind his back. I study it. The thing is wooden and circular. The eight holes in the sides are finger-sized. It also has two short tubes at either end one is flattened, like a mouth piece.  The thing is made from strong and is a light brown in colour. It looks like it had been garnished so the wood rots less easily. Then Beau asked, “What is it?”

Will flashes his lop-sided grin, “This,” he gestured towards the wood, “was made by the greatest carpenter ever.” Beau looks confused and asks another question, “I thought you made it?” The smile disappears from Will’s face. I smirk as does Beau. Honestly, I think, you’d never know these two are best friends by the way they act. I quickly wipe the smirk off my face when I see how disappointed Will is. “Will, at least this one won’t cause a flood in the village,” I say attempting to make him feel better but I can’t help but wonder, will it? I smile reassuringly at him. He may not be the best inventor or carpenter but he is still one of my only friends, I think.

He thanks me with a small nod, he puts it on the grass in the middle of the small circle we’ve made. “Beau, you asked what this is,” Beau nods uncertainly, “Well, it is a weapon.” He falls silent waiting for our reactions. I was shocked, “Wha- How?” Apparently Beau’s first reaction was crossed between shock, disbelief and a heart attack?

Will and I just sit there and watch as he rolls down the hill, backwards. Once Beau rolled out of site into the forest Will sighed, getting up slowly. “Well we better go get him,” he offers his hand to me, helping me up.

We walk down the hill together and towards where Beau entered the forest. Following his tracks, we found him near a tree, and when I say tree I mean that is what it was before it met Beau.  When we found Beau he had run over the poor tree, so it was hanging at a 45 degree angle.  Beau was moaning, “I think I’ve broken something.”  He got up and said as he looked at the tree, “Oh, I did break something,” with a hint of regret in his voice.

We were about to head back to Willow’s Place when I heard a stick snap, and I felt a knife against my throat.

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