One Direction Imagines

Ok, I will be doing One Direction Imagines, just comment your name, who you want out of One Direction, and stuff about yourself I could use in the imagine thanks!!!!!!!!!


2. Louis Imagine For: Mica (You know who you are)

Louis is taking you swimming at a country club. Of course you wanted to impress Louis, but you also didn't want to go because you were so worried about your body and you thought you were fat. You look at yourself in the mirror. You say to yourself, "I can't go I look to ugly and fat. Louis would never love me seeing me like this." And then you sit on your bed and start to cry. Louis calls you. You don't answer. He leaves a voicemail saying, "Hey babe, are you coming over or what? Call me back, love you bye" A few minutes later he calls again, and again, and again. Your still sitting there crying, when you hear your front door slam. You were scared. You didn't know who it could be. You went into your closet and hid. You hear a voice downstairs saying, "It's me Lou, babe where are you?" You remember you still had your bikini on, and you thought he would look in your closet. You were nervouse he would see you and then hate you. You heard foot steps come into the room. "Babe where are you?" He says. Your crying very softly. Louis makes his way to the closet opening it up. He sees you sitting there crying. "Oh my gosh! What's wrong?" He says lifting you up. "Louis don't look at me, I look ugly and fat!" You say. "What?! No your not! Your perfect. Now wipe those tears away before the tickle monster comes and tickles you!" You shake your head. "Fine be stubborn" He says then tickling you. You fall to the ground laughing. "Louis! Stop! Stop! I can't take it anymore!" You say laughing. He stops. "Feel better? If not, I guess there is only one way for you to get better" He says. "And what is that?" You say smirking. "A make-out session from the make-out monster instead." He says smiling. "Then I don't feel better at all" You say. Louis pushes you up against the will crashing his lips with yours. You two forgot all about your day at the pool and talked and day and night.

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