One Direction Imagines

Ok, I will be doing One Direction Imagines, just comment your name, who you want out of One Direction, and stuff about yourself I could use in the imagine thanks!!!!!!!!!


1. Niall Imagine


You and Niall were having a fire outside of your guys' house. You and Niall are married now, and are going to be having twins soon. You are sitting Niall's lap while singing to you. Since he's in the band One Direction, you don't get to see him often because he is on tour. He will only be here this weekend then back on tour which you hated because you'll be alone. After Niall finishes singing to you, he lifts you up and kisses you for what felt like hours. "Niall, could you go on Twitter and follow some fans? I'm sure they would appreciate it alot" You say smiling. "Of course" Niall says, then pulls out his laptop. He follows about 20 fans then gets offline. "So I had a perfect idea for the twins' names" Niall says. "What?" You say. "How about Bailey, and Haley" Niall says. "Love it" you say. Niall picks you up, taking you inside. He lays on the couch, and lays you over him. You kiss his nose while Niall is laughing. He then kisses your neck for a while. He then kisses you on the lips, then bites your lip.

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