Hiding From Me

Skyler has been hiding from herself for years. After a certain accident she moves far away to England where she lives peacefully and what she believes to be happily just making it by. That is until she meets 5 peculiar boys who open her eyes and possibly her past.


4. Setting Things Straight


“Aw love don’t worry! We understand you’re a little stressed at the moment it’s alright” Harry said soothingly as he leaned over to squeeze her shoulder.

“No really I was so out of line with that, I must make it up to you.” Skyler whimpered

“No you don--- “ stuttered Zayn before Niall’s hand flew to his face nearly punching him in the eye.

“Well what could you do? I mean that was pretty rudeeee” Niall purred as the other boys put their heads in their hands not believing their friend.

Skyler laughed “Don’t worry Niall I know the perfect thing!” She said before messing up Niall’s hair and walking away.

Liam’s P.O.V.

I watched as she walked away only peaking over her shoulder for a second then disappearing into the storage room. Before you could even blink she was walking back with a delicious looking chocolate cake. I could literally hear Niall’s mouth water.

“Here love! I made this for my bosses birthday, but I’ll just make another one later. You guys deserve this.”

“Oh really you can’t, we shouldn’t…” Zayn whispered but I could see how much he wanted it in his eyes. It did look delicious, just oozing chocolate. Louis slowly leaned over placing his hand on hers and hardly even audibly said “Thank you, thank you.”

She paused for a moment slowly looking from her hand to Louis back to her hand. She smiled a bit and pulled her hand away politely, “It’s really no problem, please try it! It’s a recipe my mom taught me when I was young.” She grinned as she stood patiently.

All the boys immediately dove in except for me. I sat and just looked at Skyler. She had that look about her like something was hidden, she made this face like something, someone was hiding.

Before I could even tear my eyes away she meet them. Her eyes were swirling with light brown and she slowly bent down till she was face to face with me. "Come on Liam will you try some?" she asked with a buttery smooth voice, "it'll hurt my feelings if you don't"

I, not breaking eye contact, found a spoon with my hand and began to scoop a piece in my mouth. But, just as it was about to touch my lips Skyler grabbed the spoon. That's when I noticed everyone else had stopped and was staring wide eyed, astonished at me.
"Hun, you're afraid of spoons remember?"

I flushed hot pink, what was I thinking? I immediately grabbed a fork and shoveled a bite in my mouth, it was heaven and I felt myself groan a little.

"This is awesome..." I moaned out

"yah we realized that mate!" said Niall who was already wiping his mouth because he had finished his piece.

" A bit distracted love?" Harry smirked

"You ass! She's right..." I turned to see skyler on the other side of the store with another customer "... When did she walk away?"
"sometime between you nearly using a spoon and you having sex with the cake.." Harry somehow managed to say before sliding down his chair laughing so hard.

" Screw off!" Liam yelled as he playfully smacked Harry, which just made him laugh harder.

Skyler's P.O.V

What was that, he was just staring at me. Like he knew something I didn’t? So strange, this whole day was strange. One Direction is sitting in my café acting like we’re old friends. I mean it’s One Direction. The biggest boy band at the moment and they’re hanging around to talk to me. To me. This revelation makes me look myself up and down (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=55809929). Oh hell I always knew this apron would come back and bite me in the butt.

I walk behind the counter to get the check for a couple who had recently walked in, but I found myself staring at those 5 boys, Harry was laughing uncontrollably which made me roll my eyes a bit. What was he up to now?

I mindlessly walk over to the couple giving them their receipt, going through the motions I had gotten down so good I wasn’t even trying. After they left I filled myself with courage and walked back over to the boys.

As I walked up to the table it was like they could sense me and they all looked up at once. I looked at each and every one of them. Just taking them in, absorbing the fact they wanted to talk to me. When I got to Niall I couldn’t help but giggle.

“Oh darling!” I laugh as I lean down with a napkin gently wiping his face. “You have a bit on your face!”

Niall immediately turned bright red and mumbled something that sounded like “I knew that was there”

I ignored him hoping that he could handle that little embarrassment due to my motherly ways and turned back to the rest of the group, “How was the cake?”

“AMAZING!” They all cheered at once.

“You guys speak in harmony! Gosh this boy band thing has gotten to you hasn’t it?” I question

“Well not me!” Harry exclaims, “I’ve always been awesome”

Everyone laughed. I was so happy and laughing so hard that I didn’t notice my manager walk up.

“Do we have a problem here?” She hissed in her annoyingly snotty voice.

“No ma’am merely having a discussion with the customer. Being friendly of course.” I say almost sickeningly sweet

She completely ignored me facing the boys and I watched as her face curled into a smile. Truly it was disgusting, her face really wasn’t formed to smile. “I’m truly sorry that she has been bothering you. I try to train our waiters to mind their own business, but apparently they don’t all listen. I have a feeling that manners aren’t a main priority in her mind. I, personally, have always doubted her ability to do anything productively besides hide in the kitchen. Can I get you anything as a return?”

I was so embarrassed. How could she say something like that? I had never done anything to her, I mean I had made her a cake. A cake. I stared at my feet with my hands in fists trying to hold back the tears I felt the insult had brought to my face. I had had a lot of jobs in my life and none of my managers had ever had problems with me, let alone insult me.

“Excuse me Miss,” I heard a voice say, “But Skyler has been very kind to us and an amazing waiter. Actually, to be honest, the only reason my time here has been unpleasant is because of you. Your attitude is quite sickening, and to embarrass someone like that in front of customers is a terrible business idea because based off of that I will never come back here and that’s a promise.”

I looked up to see all boys standing and Liam looking completely infuriated. Zayn walked over to me immediately wrapping his arm around my waist protectively. “How much do you need this job love?”

“A lot.” I sniffle

“Well not this much,” Zayn said sternly and turning to my manager continued, “I am telling you officially for her that she is quitting. She doesn’t need to be treated like that, no one does and I will be filing a complaint to the owner because of this behavior”

Absolutely terrified I pushed Zayn away and nearly on my knees begged my manager, “No! I don’t feel this way. I need this job, I don’t quit!!! Please NO!”

Suddenly careful arms wrap around my waist and I look up to see Liam looking at me with his big gentle eyes. “Don’t forget who we are, love” he whispered in my ear and as if on cue I heard Harry yell, “Do you know who we are???? WE are One Direction. I’m truly appalled to see something like this happen in such a dignified establishment! She could get a job anywhere she wanted and she came here and this is how you treat her. I could have her in the best restaurants in London in seconds based off of her manners alone”

That was immediately followed my Niall’s thick irish accent, “Beat ya to that mate! Just got off the phone with Maxwell, he says she can start tomorra at Bon Voyage. Which let me remind ya is one of the best restaurants in London, also he wants her as a manager.”

I couldn’t believe my ears, look at what these boys were doing for me. They hardly knew me and yet they did all of this for me. Just seeing my managers face was enough to fulfill anything. But now I was going to work at Bon Voyage? As a manager? I felt nearly faint, and strangely I knew I was safe in Liam’s arms. I looked up at him admiring his strong jaw which was tightened as if he was holding something back, which lead up to his hair which was slightly curling at the end from the long day. I felt the strange need to touch his hair. It looked so soft. That thought immediately snapped me back to reality, it was so insane to think such a thing. I can’t believe myself I thought as I turned back to the mess that had unfolded.

“I…I..I” my manager stuttered.

“yes, you, you, you, can be expecting a pink slip in a few days.” Louis exclaimed before stomping his heel and pushing the rest of us out of the shop.

We wondered down the street a little bit before I stopped and faced the rest of the group, “Thank you guys. I really hated her and the only reason I kept that job was because I liked being with the people.”

“It’s alright love! She had no right treating you like that! And I can’t believe you put up with that.” Louis said with a toothy smile as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder pulling me into a half hug.

“Really, that was extremely rude.” Liam said softly as the others murmured in agreement.

“Yah true…” I trailed off. I didn’t know what to say. So for a while we stood there awkwardly all six of us in the middle of the sidewalk.

“Well..” I started

“Well…” they returned in harmony

“…I should really get going. It’s getting kind of late. Thank you again for everything and I’ll make sure not to let you down at Bon Voyage. Maybe I’ll see you again sometime?”

“Yah maybe.” Zayn said disappointedly, he knew as well as I did the chances of that happening we small.

“Max wants you at Bon at 8 am next Tuesday. I hope you do well.” Niall replied with puppy eyes.

I couldn’t even bring myself to look at Liam who I could feel staring at me with his huge eyes before I turned the corner to take a shortcut to my flat which was 5 blocks away. I was walking at a brisk pace as I ripped off my apron and zoned out into a different world completely oblivious to someone calling my name.

Suddenly I heard footsteps stomping towards me.

Whoosh I felt a rough hand grabbed my own and I felt myself twirl on my heel until I was merely inches away from the beautiful brown eyes.

“Skyler.” Liam whispered and I watched as the steam drifted from his thin lips into the chilly air.

Liam’s POV

“Skyler.” I whispered as the steam escaped my lips I saw how beautiful she really was. It was traditional beauty like most girls, it was exotic yet homely. All her features flowed together although all very different. She had her beautiful eyes and skin that I had noticed before but other features that wouldn’t be noticed unless you were this. Close. Like her long dark eyelashes that always gently grace her naturally pink cheeks when she blinks and her plump red lips just asking…waiting to be kissed.

“yes?” She whispered back looking up at me, not pulling away, with those large eyes that now had auburn swirling and spinning around.

Slowly letting her go I continued, “Well… I was wondering if you wanted to join us tonight? We have to go to the opening to this new club and I figured it might be fine.”

She immediately tore her eyes away looking at the ground turning a careful pink, “you were wondering?” she asked looking at me questionably.

“No…well…I meant…well…you…I meant we…” I stuttered and disappointment momentarily washed across her face, “No. I meant  I was wondering” I finished sternly.

She went pink again before responding, “When?”

“Tonight at 9, we’ll pick you up. Where’s your flat?”

“3 blocks up. Big brick building room 223 just buzz for me.” she said with her cute American accent.

“Will do ma’am,” I say with a wink before I begin to turn away. Just as I was about to take a step I felt a small hand on my shoulder.



“What should I wear?” She nearly whispered. I felt my mouth drop as I thought through the options. Something sexy I thought but dare not say because it was sound childish and crude. She must’ve saw the confusion cross my face as I went through answers because she almost immediately responded, “Actually I’ll just figure it out. See you then.”

There was hesitation but I felt the hand release my shoulder and I continued walking. Not daring to look back because I knew if  I did I wouldn’t be able to keep walking.

Skyler’s POV

“Actually I’ll just figure it out. See you then.” I said slowly thinking about everything

With much hesitation I released Liam’s shoulder and watched as he walked away. I didn’t dare move until he turned the corner.

Did Liam Payne just ask me out?

A better question, what was I going to wear?

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