Hiding From Me

Skyler has been hiding from herself for years. After a certain accident she moves far away to England where she lives peacefully and what she believes to be happily just making it by. That is until she meets 5 peculiar boys who open her eyes and possibly her past.


2. Open Arms?


Then she ran

Skyler P.O.V

I ran and ran. I was so scared.

Then BOOM, I feel a rod go into my stomach and it seemed to push my stomach to my throat. I gasped trying to breathe and felt my knees suddenly give.

“Oh you idiot.” I hear as to large arms wrap around me. Feeling the force pulled me back to reality and I began to kick, scream, and beg trying to get free.

“Oh bloody hell she’s gunna pee herself going down that route” I heard a deeper smooth voice say.

“She’s quite the squirmy one isn’t she?” I heard a different voice…actually different accent chuckle.

“Shut UP, you already managed to nearly make her puke you bloke.” Said a higher, lighter third voice and I heard a thud with a sharp yelp that followed.

I took the seconds I had of silence to my advantage to plead my case, “Please I’m so sorry, please don’t call the cops I won’t do it again but I can’t get kicked out of England, I can’t go back home. Please.” My eyes were squeezed shut so tight trying not to cry that I actually had no idea who was talking but I knew the eyes.

I knew the eyes.

I gave a final kick and squirm when a hot breath sent a strange chill down my spine. “Oh no worries we aren’t gunna hurt you. Please just relax, love, don’t cry. I’m sorry we scared you,” whispered a dreamy voice, it was neither too high nor to low just perfect. I had gotten used to the draw of a British accent and was at the point where I could hardly hear it anymore, but this was different. His voice was so clear and proper the accent was impossible to ignore.

 I relaxed my body and took a deep breath. He slowly lowered me and I felt my toes then heels hit the ground softly. I backed out of his arms slowly and opened my eyes. There stood 5 boys, the 5 boys that took care of my income.

“Hello” I whispered staring at my feet.

“What was that love?” said two big green eyes

“Hello.” I said a bit bolder.

“ ‘ello miss” smiled the blonde one, and I noticed now it was a clear Irish accent.

“You two are ridiculous. Hello love, I’m Zayn. Please don’t be scared babes, I’m very sorry for my friend..” he trailed off point at his friend, “That’s Niall, he has problems as we’ve come to find. While I’m at it let me introduce you to the rest of us. That’s Liam,” pointing to the boy holding me, “and Louis,” signaling to the blue eyes I had originally seen starting this mess, “and Harry” he finished with the boy with green eyes. Harry bowed mimicking my group’s introduction, that cheeky bastard.

“Zayn, she was singing our songs you don’t think she knows who we are?” Harry said exaggerating the last e in are.

“I sing plenty songs of people I don’t know,” I retorted. Harry made a mimicky face so I turned to Zayn “Thank you for being polite, it’s nice to see people with manners” We both shot a look at Harry who only stuck his tongue out at us, making me giggle.

“Anytime love, Anytime.”

Then there was an awkward silence were everyone just kind of looked at the feet for a bit. I used this time to try to get away as I finally slid a decent distance away from the group I felt a warm arm wrap around my waist and I looked up into big brown eyes. I quickly looked away and blushed.

“Where you going?” Whined Niall, “you dopes we chased her down to talk, so do it. Usually you don’t shut up now you won’t talk? What’s up mates?”

Louis kicked the dirt and it went silent again. “Oh bloody hell” he said and he grabbed my arm and started walking. The other boys followed close behind but we had a decent lead. “Sorry ‘bout that. Don’t know what ‘as gotten into them. Especially Liam, it was his idea.” I blushed “Ah I figured that what was going on. Anyway ain’t you cold?”

I really hadn’t thought about it as I looked at my outfit (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=54929423) the jacket looked thin but was actually really thick and comfy, my shoes came up to my shins and had a furry lining, and jeans. “No” I said but he gave me a weird look so I explained, “I come from the Midwest which gets about 20 maybe 30 degrees colder then here and snows. Over the years you learn how to dress without making it look like you’re wearing a lot.” I paused turned around and pointed at Liam “He on the other hand is freezing.”

Everyone paused and Liam looked at me astonished “How did you know?” he asked astonished. I began to walk backwards because Louis was getting antsy.

“It’s quite obvious really. He holds his hands behind him to give off the idea that he’s fine but if he holds his arms out you’ll see that they’re solid red from rubbing. Really Liam you should stop or you’re gunna rub your arms raw.” I stated mother-like.

“Here…” I mumbled as I dug through my purse finally pulling out a sweatshirt. Niall looked amazed but Liam gave me a questioning look. “Oh take it! It’s my brothers, it should fit. You’re taller than him but he’s bigger than you.” With that he took the sweatshirt on and I watched as face of relief ran over his face.

“OHMIGOD WHAT ARE YOU MARY POPPINS????” yelled Niall as he ran over grabbing my bag.

I was kind of freaked out at first but slowly began to giggle once I realized this was just who he was. After what seemed like forever of Niall feeling up my bag, Louis motioned for Harry to do something. He followed by slapping Niall across the head. “ouch,” he yelped, “why you always have to do that when I’m having fun?”

I turned towards Louis, “So what did you want to show me?”

“Oh yes,” He squealed, “Come here.”

We all slowly approached a store, I was beginning to feel uncomfortable again. I was walking down the street with One Direction…and I was 30 minutes late for my shift.

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