Hiding From Me

Skyler has been hiding from herself for years. After a certain accident she moves far away to England where she lives peacefully and what she believes to be happily just making it by. That is until she meets 5 peculiar boys who open her eyes and possibly her past.


8. Dreams...Or Nightmares?


Chap 8

It hurt me. It hurt me every day to see him there. I loved him and it was smoldered in my heart like a forest fire that just wouldn't go out. He looked up from his phone and his blue eyes sparkled when he saw me. He doesn't know. He'll never know. "Hi love." He smiled as he pulled me into a gentle hug. His touch was like electricity, why did I love him? Why did I have to love him? He sat back down and I sat next to him, I could feel the warmth radiating off his skin like some inner sun lighting his heart. Like some inner sun lighting my life. 

I cuddled up next to him and smiled curiously asking him, "who are you talking to?" He looked at me and my stomach did flips. He eyes were full of love, but of a love similar to what a brother had for his sister not of a lover. "Don't worry about it," he smiled, "today is just a day for me and you." He said grabbing my hand, the electricity ran from my finger tips through my arm to the rest of my body. I've loved him for what seemed like eternity, but in reality was only 7 years. 7 years was a long time to love someone though , seemingly eternity. 
"Where's your head at skyler?" He asked twirling me about as we walked outside. I looked into the wintery sky and let a big breath out. "You can see your breath." I said smiling. "Skyler, did you know you have the most beautiful smile?" He said simply. My breath hitched and I felt my cheeks turn pink. He was so kind. He didn't love me the same way I loved him but he still felt the need to tell me I was beautiful as much as possible. "Shut up" I said playfully punching him. "No seriously sky," he said looking at me, "you know I wouldn't lie to you." I looked at him and we held each others gaze for a moment. I thought I saw a flicker in his eyes but it was probably a trick of the light. "Whatever jay" I said walking to the car. "Where are we going by the way?" I asked him. "Sky! It's your birthday, and it's a surprise I can't just tell you!" He laughed. His laugh was a deep chuckle that made even the coldest hearts melt. His inner sun shone brightly through his laugh, when he laughed it seemed for the moment there was no bad, no sad, no dead, no anything, just happy. I managed to groan a little. It was my birthday and a surprise. I hate surprises. He knew that. Of course he did, he was my best friend, my other half. He slid across the hood of the car and pulled me into another hug, "oh come on! Don't give me that. You only turn 16 once let me have some fun with that!" He looked down at me and smiled again. "How could I say no to that face?" I laughed and his smile grew. That was the happiness in my life. His smile. "Yay!" He yelled excitedly and opened the door motioning for me to get in. I slowly climbed in careful not to get his car dirty with snow. As he walked around the car I watched him. There was a glow to him. He was perfect in every sense of the word and today he was my perfect. 
"Lets go!" He said starting the car and backing out. I loved driving with Jay. He focused on the road with such a funny face. His brows furrowed and his lower lip stuck out a bit. I stifled a giggle and he looked at me. I froze hoping he hadn't heard, "are you laughing at my face again?" I quickly shook my head no but a smile was creeping up on my lips as it always did around him. "YOU'RE SUCH A LIAR!" He yelled reaching over tickling me. I squealed letting out a girly giggle, "Jay! JAY STOP" I laughed, "jay! Haha" I opened my eyes and looked at the road. All that could escape my mouth was a scream. Jay looked at the road and...
Boom. The world went black. 

I woke up what seemed like hours later but was only minutes. Everything was blurry and I couldn't make out complete figures yet. "Hello ?" I whispered trying to gain my bearings. Where was I? What happened? All of a sudden all the memories came flooding back. Ohmigod. "JAY!???" I screamed, no this couldn't be happening "JAY! WHERE ARE YOU!?" Nothing. No sound. I put my hand through my hair and felt a warm sticky liquid. Oh god. Oh god. Everything finally came into focus and I saw I was still in the car. “Sky?” I heard faintly. I looked to the driver seat but found no one, “Skyler?” I felt the tears start dripping down my face as I looked over the dash. There lay my beautiful angel. My inner sun. “Jay,” I cried as I unbuckled myself. I looked over to his seat again. He always had his seat belt on, what happened? My stomach dropped there his seat belt sat completely ripped off the chair dangling over the steering wheel. I always said that car was a piece of crap.

I could hear the sirens in the distance but I knew that they were too far. That my sun was dimming. I continued to crawl onto hood and cradled jay’s head in my lap. “Jay, baby, hold on. Help is coming, I promise, please just hold on.” He looked up at me the blue pools of his eyes swirling and bright. “Sky you know—“, “No!” I yelled cutting him off, “you don’t get to leave me, you can’t leave me.” tears blurred my vision and streamed down my face. I felt a warm hand touch my face and I collapsed into his touch. “Oh sky don’t cry, this isn’t time for rain,” he said with a little cheer. “How can you be happy? How can you joke?” I questioned. There was a moment with no response and I looked down, “Jay? JAY ANSWER ME!” I screamed. “Sky, I love you.” He whispered. “I love you too jay,” I said crying again. No sky,” he said sternly looking into my eyes, “I love you.” “I love you too, jay” I said as I leaned down and kissed his forehead. I heard him gasp and then his whole body relaxed. I looked at my sun and I watched as the sparkle left his eyes.

I woke up screaming. I didn’t know why I was screaming but I felt the warmth of my tears roll down my face. Liam, Niall, and Louis came running in, each holding a different type of sporting equipment. I looked at them eyes brimming and Liam immediately dropped the baseball bat he was holding and ran to me cuddling me in his strong arms.

“What’s wrong darling?” said Niall’s thick accent.

“Nothing,” I stated simply, “Just a bad dream.” And with that I slipped out of Liam’s grasp and walked into the bathroom.

As the door shut I heard Harry say, “well that’s the hell of a way to start your birthday,”

But he doesn’t know. He doesn’t know that’s how I’ve started my birthday for 4 years. 4 years.

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