Hiding From Me

Skyler has been hiding from herself for years. After a certain accident she moves far away to England where she lives peacefully and what she believes to be happily just making it by. That is until she meets 5 peculiar boys who open her eyes and possibly her past.


10. Bring Me To Tears

Liam's POV
I was angry. I watched as Danny relentlessly flirted with skyler in front of everyone, who did he think he was? God he was always like this. A helpless flirt who just broke the girl in the end. Skyler deserved so much better then that, she deserved me. I shook my head trying trying to get such a crazy thought like that out of my head. Skyler would never like me like that. She was just too perfect.

I began to calm down when she began to sing, to me she sounded like an angel, better than all us boys put together, but since she stopped doing street performances I only ever heard a line or two when she was in the shower. Skyler had moved into the house with us a little less than a month after we met her. Louis had to force her as she argued saying she was just an inconvenience. She didn't understand how much she meant to us, not to mention she could cook and she had an obsession with cleaning.

One time I had walked into her room to ask her something and I walked in on her listening to some audio. The voice sounded exactly like hers except for one thing, the voice I heard sounded full of love while when skyler sang there was always a dark tone. I watched her in the mirror as she listened. Her eyes furrowed and she almost looked mad, but sad as well. As if sensing me she looked up and the golden brown in her eyes began to swirl very fast, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" She began to yell. I had never heard her yell before. And I felt my face go pale, she must've noticed to as the swirling stopped and she immediately composed herself. She got up as clapped her hands making sure not to make eye contact but before I could open my mouth to say something she pushed me out if the room and left. I didn't know why she didn't want us to hear her and I really didn't know why she was hiding that video.
I looked up from my shoes to see skyler pulling at Danny's shirt. I could see the want in her eyes and I longed for her to be looking at me. What could she see in him? He's such a douche. Then again she doesn't know him like I do. I looked over at Danny who was staring right at me. He gave me a cocky grin and that was it. I had had enough and if I didn't leave I'd kick the crap out of him. And with that I left.

I was so mad. So mad. I fumed as I paced around the hallway. God I was so mad. I looked at my fists and they were pearl white as my hands were still clenched. I somehow heard skylers voice through the thick doors, she was really enjoying herself and for a slight moment I thought I could hear actual happiness in her voice. I calmed myself down and walked back into the room. Skyler had just finished and I  thought i saw a wave of relief go over her face when she saw me but I could’ve been wrong. Danny looking me dead in the eye ran up and twirled her around whispering what I assumed to be flirty praises and she turned bright red. He set her down and another song began to play.
Then another
And another
And another.
I was surprised as Skyler knew every word to every song. Without missing a beat she went through the songs as if she had written them herself. The mcfly boys would question her, who wrote it originally? What album was it from? Etc? Etc? And she spat out answers like they were nothing as they finished the 7th one "pinball wizard" originally by the who Skyler's face was red but she was beaming, she was having the time of her life and it made us boys smile with pride.
Niall jumped up and down squeling like a child. "AND NEXT YOUR FAVORITE SONG!”
Skyler looked puzzled at Niall’s announcement. “But,” she said and I thought  I heard a quiver in her voice, “we already did.” Her face dropped and I could literally see the chill re engulf her body. I had never noticed before but there was a slight child in skylers personality. It happened in her eyes. Most of her personality happened in her eyes. The gold stopped swirling and dark brown, almost black suck it in. She looked at Niall and I saws him cringe. I had never seen her like this before. Well, I had never seen her like this towards Niall, she was always different around him. She loved him, not like kissy kissy but like Louis’ loved his sisters. I had actually seen her like this two times. That day when I walked in on her singing and this morning when we found her screaming in her bed. I meant to ask her about that but she seemed so upset I didn’t want to ruin her day.

“But...No...” I heard Louis nearly whisper. Oh no this was going to ruin his plan, everything was all planned. “But No,” He repeated, “we went on your ipod and it said your favorite song was Bubblewrap!!!”

Skyler’s body went rigid. She looked utterly terrified and I thought for a moment she might faint. “What?” She questioned desperately, “no I ca---”

“Oh come on love!” Danny exclaimed wrapping his arm around her, “This song was made for you.” He smiled at her and my stomach clenched. She looked terrified and he only made it worse.

Tom, although he looked wary, walked to the back of the stage to get ready for the song.
Dougie looked at Skyler and saw the fear that washed over her, "maybe you can sit this one out and we'll just sing to you?" he suggested, "i mean seeing it's your birthday all" Before he even got a response they started playing. Skyler got through the first 2 lines and then she began to sob and ran out of the room.

What had we done to her?




Sorry it took so long to post this short chapter but I've been super busy! This is supposed to be more of a part 2 to chapter 9. Sorrrrrrry again love you all!

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