Hiding From Me

Skyler has been hiding from herself for years. After a certain accident she moves far away to England where she lives peacefully and what she believes to be happily just making it by. That is until she meets 5 peculiar boys who open her eyes and possibly her past.


9. Birthday Surprise

Chap 9
I have known these boys for two months, but it feels like forever. They are the most amazing boys I have ever met. They make me forget all my problems, all my worries, all my memories. They remind me who I was before everything.  I was someone good, someone who loved.

Mid thought I felt cold hands wrap around my face and a thick irish accent whispered in my ear, “sorry love it was chilly outside.”

“Oh come on niall! Hop off!” I giggled as I tried to tug his hands away

"No no no!" I heard Louis squeal as someone, I assumed him, grabbed my hands, "You're gunna ruin the surprise"

My stomach churned. I hate surprises. They never work out for me. Ever.

"Yay" I tried to say as cheery as possible. I felt a hot breath tickle my ear and Liam whispered, "please just play along, Louis has been planing this since the first day we met you."

I turned red and his mere voice and I could hear him chuckle behind me. Liam and I had grown close since that first meeting. He was incredibly handsome, as every fan knew, but he was so much more then that. He was so sweet and loving and...I could feel myself falling for him, but I couldn't do that. I couldn't fall for him like that.

I took a deep breath clearing my thoughts following where Louis was leading me.
After what seemed like a century I felt Niall's hands loosen and the light flooded my eyes. I rubbed my eyes and before me stood 4 new boys.

"Oh. Mi. God." Was all I could stutter out. As I stood, jaw dropped in front of my most favorite band, Mcfly.

"HAPPPPYYYY BIRTHDAYYY" everyone in the room yelled.

"I can't believe this..." I said years filling my eyes.

"I hope you like it," Louis said with a big smile on your face, "we know they're your favorite band"
I looked at them questioningly because I couldn't believe they knew this about me. It made my heart swell up knowing they did care.

"Oh don't look so confused," Niall stated knowingly, "stop acting like you don't listen to 5 colors every morning in the shower."

I felt myself turn bright red as I turned back to the band. "Eh no need to be embarrassed, love" said Tom as he lifted up my chin, "it's nice to hear we have fans."
I smiled and Tom stuck out his hand, "I'm Tom fletcher. It's very nice to meet you."

Dougie walked up taking my hand, "I'm dougie, the boys talk about you a ton."

Next was Harry, "hello I'm Harry!"

"NO IM HARRY!" Shouted Harry somewhere else in the room.

"Haha right," mcfly Harry chuckled, "I'm Harry Judd."

Then finally Danny walked up, " 'ello love Im Danny" I could feel myself turn bright red as he grabbed my hand. I had been inlove with Danny jones since I was 14 years old and now here he was standing 2 feet in front of me.

"AHHH!" All the boys screamed startling me, "there it is!! There's the blush! She's got it for Danny ya! Go figure."

My cheeks flushed even brighter and I looked at my shoes. I peaked over at Liam and he looked almost angry. Why? Why would he care?

"So skyler, I heard you were a pretty good singer, want to jam a bit?" Asked Danny still holding my hand.

"Oh gosh. Oh no," I responded quickly drawing my hand back, "Im not any good."
"Oh come on skyler!" Niall shouted, "you're fantastic and don't even hide it, we hear you in the shower and we heard you that first day."

"Well maybe I can do one song if that makes everyone happy..." I said staring at the ground

"Fantastic!" Dougie exclaimed walking over to a guitar. He played 6 notes and I knew what song it was. Harry immediately walked over to the dreams catching the idea dougie was throwing around.

"Now who's part do you usually sing?" Asked Tom as we walked over to the mic.

"What?" I asked

"What part do you sing? Danny's or mine? Like in the shower when you sing who do you usually cut off?"

"Oh...well..." I stuttered, "usually...yours..."

"Hahaha," Tom laughed, "wanting to sing to Danny eh?"
I turned bright red as he called me out on something I already knew was true. "It's alright, I understand" he said, still laughing, as he patted my shoulder and walked over to a guitar.

I swallowed hard and walked towards a mic. Could I do this? I hardly sang when I wasn't in the shower or doing my gig on the corner. As I grabbed the mic dougie and Tom started playing 5 Colours, one of their biggest hits.

I took a deep breath as Danny sang, "she's got a lip ring and five colors in her hair."
His voice was like butter and made me melt inside. I looked over at the boys and everyone was smiling, except Liam who was still glaring.

Alright. This is it, I thought, my turn.

"Everybody wants to know her name,
I threw a house party and she came
Everyone asked me
Who the hell is she?
That weirdo with 5 colours in her hair." I looked at the rest of the band and they looked amazed. I hadn't done anything special especially compared to Tom but they were awestruck. Their looks gave me a bit of confidence and I became bolder with some of my actions.

"She's just a loner with a sexy attitude," I belted with a hair flip as I walked towards Danny becoming even braver, "I'd like to phone her cos she puts me in the mood. The rumours spreading round that she cooks in the nude." As I sang nude I tugged at Danny's shirt, winked, and walked back to center stage to finish, "But she don't care, she don't care."

I saw the boys start cheering and behind me I could hear Tom and dougie snickering as they played on. I looked for Liam, but couldn't find him. Where'd he go? I looked over to Louis and mouthed "where's Liam?" As Danny sang. He cocked his head to the door and I felt my heart drop. Why did he leave? Did he think I was terrible? I felt my eyes water up. No, I thought, skyler get a hold of yourself. You don't care. No one cares. I finally figured out how to get myself together ad began to sing as Danny went into the chorus.

We finished the song and everyone sang our praises and cheered. I knew they were just being nice but it felt nice.


Sorry It's So Short!!!!!!

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