Hiding From Me

Skyler has been hiding from herself for years. After a certain accident she moves far away to England where she lives peacefully and what she believes to be happily just making it by. That is until she meets 5 peculiar boys who open her eyes and possibly her past.


12. A Shopping Rendezvous

Chapter 12


Liam's P.O.V


I watched Louis drag skyler out the door. Skyler didn't seem like the type of girl who liked to shop much. I mean she dressed in nice clothes and had a good fashion sense, but anybody could tell she was the girl who went to one store bought a bunch of stuff from that one store and then wouldn’t go shopping for months after that. Louis would never be able to understand this, though, because his little sisters were nothing like that, they loved to be spoiled and to go shopping. Skyler shot me a pleading look and it was just then I realized most of us were still in our pjs. I chuckled a bit then whistled to get most of their attention.

“Guys!” I yelled, “how about we get dressed 1st?” everyone looked down and for a moment there was silence before everyone broke into laughter.

“Okay Okay,” Louis laughed, “you got me there.” and we all began to walk back to the house when I heard an irish accent behind me call out “I get to shower first!” followed by a light American voice, “You douche it’s mine!” There were 2 full baths in the house Niall, Skylar, and Louis shared one and Harry, Zayn and I shared the other. Everyday it was a constant battle between Niall and Skyler on who go to shower first with the hot water and this day was no different. Niall pushed me running by and I stumbled onto the grass, I looked up to see Skyler hot on his trail but somehow she miss stepped topping of the sidewalk into me. I tried to catch her but because of her speed I ended up falling as well.

“Uf” She huffed and I felt her breath against my face and I opened my eyes to be staring straight into her big brown eyes. The gold was spinning in her eyes again and a smile was dancing across her perfectly plump lips. I felt myself sigh as blatantly stared at her perfection. She didn’t move, she was perfectly still. Her eyes flickered down to my lips and my breath got caught. The temptation to kiss her was burning in the pit of my stomach.

“No,” I thought, “get those thoughts out of your head” I refocused on her big brown eyes and we just looked at each other. We just laid there, it could’ve been hours, minutes, or maybe just seconds but it didn’t really matter.

“HAHA!!” I heard Niall scream and skyler immediately jumped, “I beat you! I get to shower first!” Skyler’s cheeks turned bright red and she quickly rolled off me. She hopped up with extreme grace, wiped off the grass from her pants, and walked back into the house. I laid there for a moment just staring at the door. She didn’t know how she took my breath away. Just standing there, Just walking, Just anything.

“Oai!” I heard Zayn yell as he plopped down next to me, “what’s up mate?”

“Nothing,” I stated blankly as I sat up and pulled my knees to my chest.

“Li,” he said slowly, “I see how you look at her.”

I looked over to his wise brown eyes and knew it was pointless to try to lie. Zayn always knows.

“Tell me, how goes it then?” his husky voice said.

“She’s perfect.”

“Aye she is yah?” He said and I could see a grin tugging at the corner of his lips, “Have you ever thought of just telling her that?”

“Telling her?” I asked stunned. I had never truly thought about it. Tell her? No. She’d never.

“Yes, mate, telling her. Pretty sure  I asked in English” he laughed nudging me with his shoulder.

“Zayn you’re insane! She’d never like me,” I said a bit self consciously, “She’s so...her. And I’m so...me.”

Zayn nodded knowingly, “Well it was just an idea,” he said as he got up and patted me on the back.

He began to walk towards the door and was almost to it when he paused. “You know Li,” he state without looking back, “You shouldn’t doubt yourself so much. You are an international popstar.”

And with that he opened the door  and walked inside. Popstar or not that didn’t make me good enough for Skyler. She deserved a prince not a popstar.


Niall! I Swear To Fucking God!,” I heard Skyler’s voice flow from the window, “Hurry up or I’m gunna come in there and make you!”

There was a long pause which  I assumed was Niall responding. “EWWW Niall you are so fucking sick. Honestly like what the fuck.” and with that a door slammed shut.


What seemed like hours later Skyler came prancing down the stairs. Her hair was bouncing on her shoulders beneath her beanie and she looked genuinely happy (http://www.polyvore.com/day_out_about/set?id=74974272). She looked right at me, brown eyes swirling and a dazzling smile. I reached out to her instantly and, surprisingly, she didn't pull away. Something came over me when my hand grazed her waist, a sense of confidence spread from my fingertips to the rest of my body as I picked her up off the last step and twirled her around be carefully setting her down. "You look beautiful," I whispered although it felt surreal to be so bold. She immediately turned red which merely looked like a glow beneath her dark skin.

Before much else could be said I heard Louis cough at an attempt to get our attention.

"Oh," skyler barely whispered looking a bit sheepish. She gracefully turned on her heel and walked towards Louis who was giving me a reprimanding look. He extended his arm and she gratefully took it curling her little body within his. Before they exited she peaked over her shoulder and I could've sworn I saw her smile a bit.

"It's not skyler that is going to be the hard one to convince." I heard zayn mutter under his breath as he walked past. I was completely obliviously to the fact that he had witnessed that. But he was right. Skyler wasn't my obstacle, Louis was.


We all climbed into the car. Louis always drove because, despite the music video's portrayal, he was the best out of all of us when it came to driving. To his left was skyler's perch. He always had her sit next to him because on occasion she would get a little anxious in the car and due to a recent enlightenment it seems we all know why. Then was me and Harry with zayn and Niall in the rear. It was funny how we always sat in the same spots. Never needing to change, always content. I watched as Skyler laughed at something funny that Louis said. It made me smile to see the glimmer in her eye when she smiled. She looked so enthralled with everything we said as if we were literal kings to her. She would never know that she was so much more to us.


I began to daze off staring out of the window when my phone buzzed. I looked around to see all the boys thoroughly distracted with each other and Louis with the road, although he would throw many sideways glances to Skyler who was beginning to squirm. It wasn’t her usual squirm, though, she seemed distracted so it took the chance to glance at my phone.


New Message From Skyler


My breath hitched and I glanced up to the rearview mirror where I caught Skyler’s brown eyes staring back. A grin spread across her face before she looked away.


Skyler: Whatcha thinking about silly?;)


I hastily responded hoping not to lose her attention that I so desperately pined for.


Me: Oh nothing really. Just ignoring that chatter. You?

Skyler: Trying to figure out Louis’ plan >:-I

Me: You’re never going to get it

Skyler: I know it frustrates me.

Me: Im imagining you saying frustrates :P

Skyler: Me? Why?

Me: Yes you. Because youre just so...so..

Skyler: so what?


So what? wonderful? beautiful? perfect? She’s so everything. She’s so my life that it.

Me: so American

Skyler: oh

American? So American? I looked up to see skyler's eyes furrow a little bit. Probably as confused as I am by my response.


Much to my luck Louis perked up before I had a chance to respond. "We're here! Who's excited?" He gleamed with excitement as he looked to skyler who was trying her hardest to mimicking his own expression.


“Ready.” She responded. It almost sounded like she was trying to assure herself that she’d make it out alive.


*click click*

Oh no I know that sound. I know that sound all too well.

*click click*

My head snapped over to Niall who’s shoulders stiffened immediately as the sound came back.

“What was that?” Skyler looked back at me her eyes were wide and curious.

I paused unsure of how to respond. We had protected her for so long. She had been so sheltered and now it was going to come crashing down because of Louis’ brilliant idea. I looked back to her young innocent eyes, “Oh nothing love,” I tell her as I wrap my arm around her waist tugging her to the store, “lets have fun.”

*click click*



*Skylers POV*


We entered the store and it was like a whole new world. I wasn't much of a shopper but I did respect nice clothes and that's what this place was. I let my hand trail through the fabric as we walked by racks and racks of clothes and cloths of different kinds.

"Can I help you?" I heard a cool voice say. I looked up to look at a slender beautiful girl. She didn’t look to much older than me but her make up was much darker and her face held a look of dislike. (http://www.polyvore.com/cool_retail/set?id=83104835) I immediately stiffened becoming uncomfortable with the current situation. Her eyes were dead set on me and I started to wonder where the guys were to save me.

"No I was just..." I began to say when Louis came bounding up.

"Yes!" He interrupted, "she needs something fabulous to wear tonight when she comes to our concert!" The girls face immediately changed when Louis approached. She knew who he was, she knew his power.

"Oh yes!" She exclaimed as a warm smile spread across her face. I could feel my eyes roll and she noticed shooting daggers towards me. "If there's anything you need," she said sickenly sweet addressing me, "just let me know and ill help. What should we start looking at?"

"I want to look like you," I said blankly. Although she was sour and I could practically see the venom of her words dripping out of her mouth I liked her style. It was edging and cool.

"Oh." Her and (much to my surprise) Louis responded at the same time.

"I don't think..." She trailed off quickly interrupted by Louis, "I don't think that's much to appropriate, no offense, you know I would never allow you to change because you're perfect but that is a bit to edgy for the uh look our concert portrays"

The look? My lips pursed as I thought about it. I didn't know that I was going to this concert till 10 minutes ago and I'm already breaking rules. Cool.

"He's right you know." The girl said. Her look was softer now, she was being honest with me and was no longer holding her stuck up status. “You would rock my look, but it’s not right for the occasion.”

“Well then what would?” I cautiously questioned, “I’m kinda new to this concert business.”

The girl paused to think. I could almost see the racks of clothes go through her mind, snot or not it was obvious she knew her stuff. Without a word she turned on her heel and quickly walked down an aisle. In the moment of silence I heard a familiar song playing on the overhead. I knew the song but couldn’t think of the guy who...

“Oai! Louis! Eddy’s one!” I heard Liam’s voice call out from behind the racks. Right Ed Sheeran it was Autumn Leaves. The rest of the boys came out from behind the rack and began to mess around. They reminded me of small cubs. Rambunctious and goofy. I ignored them and just listened to the song. It was truly beautiful and really related to my life at the moment.

Is it that its over or do birds still sing for you? Float down, like autumn leaves. Hush now close your eyes before the sleep.

Suddenly 2 strong hands wrapped around my waist. “So do birds still sing for you?” A husk of a voice said. I spun on my heel to loosen his grasp. “Sometimes” I said softly, shyly. There was always this softness between Liam and I. It was like he was afraid I would break if he wasn’t just careful. Suddenly the girl returned and I jumped out of Liam’s arms. I was afraid of getting to close, of too many people knowing about how I felt. I felt like it was a secret, that if anyone knew even Liam it would all disappear and dissolve...just like everything else.

“Here.” She said, her cold demeanor reappearing. She must’ve saw Liam and I, I guess I know who her favorite is. I looked down at the outfit and it was beautiful.

“You think this would work?”

“Of course.”

“On me?” a certain sense of self consciousness range through my body as I looked at the outfit. (http://www.polyvore.com/untitled/set?id=82957786)

The girl just looked at me and her eyes flickered to Liam. She was uncertain on how to respond and I was uncertain why I asked. Liam’s hand slid into mine and a shiver went down my back. Why was he doing this? Did he know? Did he feel the same? No. He couldn’t. I’m me and he’s him.

“I think it will look perfect on you.” He nearly purred in my ear. My heart nearly burst with adrenaline from his mere presence alone.  


I blushed and looked back to the girl. She looked uncomfortable and for a moment I thought I saw a flicker of jealousy.


Well I thought right.


Right in front of me she slinked over and slithered in between Liam and I. “You know,” she said playing with the collar of his shirt, “If you need an outfit. I’d be happy to find you something”


“No thank you,” Liam responded shortly and clearly uncomfortable.


“I mean. I could help with fittings. If that’s all you need.” She nearly whispered playing with the button of his shirt.


Something started to pump through my system and I felt my face get hot. But it was because  I was blushing. I was mad. How dare she think she can just butt right in and ruin my moment.

“EXCUSE me.” I said plucking her hand from Liam’s chest and replacing it with mine, “I believe he said he was fine. Thank you for your assistance but you are no longer needed. Goodbye.” She looked almost astonished as I felt. Did I really say that? With a huff she stomped away furious.


“Wow.” I heard Niall say behind me and I turned to see all the boys behind us. I realized I was still holding Liam’s hand and my other hand was resting on his chest. The boys looked amazed but Zayn looked rather smug as he stared at Liam, he always knew more than me.


I looked at Louis. His eyes seemed to turn from blue to ice blue and he gave me a We’ll talk about this later look. “Well this outfit should work.” I said trying to laugh off the silence as I backed away. I looked at the price tag and my raised heart dropped, “Oh god.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Liam said covering my hand and the tag, “we got it.” Before I could object Harry took the outfit and went off to pay.


After a few awkward silent moments of Louis staring at me, me staring at zayn, zayn staring at Liam, and liam staring anywhere other than me. Harry returned and we set off to leave. But right as I opened the door there was flashing lights everywhere and I nearly screamed. Somebody grabbed my arm and everyone was yelling. I felt surrounded and scared, “LIAM. LOUIS.” I yelled ducking my head.

“Are you dating Liam?” They asked “What is your relation with Louis?” “How’d you meet the boys?” “WHO ARE YOU?”

I couldn’t take it anymore and  I felt the tears stream down my face. I was so confused and lost and I couldn’t find the boys. Where were they? Suddenly I was completely surrounded. But it was different and before I knew it I was being lifted up. I put my head in the crook of the person’s neck. Very quickly and almost swiftly after that we were all in the car and I found myself sitting on Liam’s lap. Although I knew I shouldn’t have I sat there the rest of the ride. I was so shaken up I couldn’t imagine leaving his embrace.

When we finally arrived I couldn’t hold it in any long. “WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED.”


***********************************AUTHOR'S NOTE********************************************

Hi guys! I'm sorry its taken so long it really shouldnt have but it did and I'm sorry please enjoy!

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