Hiding From Me

Skyler has been hiding from herself for years. After a certain accident she moves far away to England where she lives peacefully and what she believes to be happily just making it by. That is until she meets 5 peculiar boys who open her eyes and possibly her past.


5. A Night To Remember


I spent the rest of the day getting ready trying to make myself look perfect for tonight.

In the shower I shaved my legs twice, each very careful making sure not to cut myself. After I coaxed my legs with bronzer turning my Carmel tone into a deep gold. After I was content with my skin I got dressed. (http://www.polyvore.com/party_hard/set?id=55813938) I looked at my outfit careful smoothing it out and pulling and tugging. I knew my outfit was a bit risqué but it didn’t matter. I looked awesome.
I know that no guy could resist a girl in a dress like this I thought even if my face is a little off I added staring at myself in the mirror.

I had never considered myself pretty or beautiful or anything of that nature. Not even when I was little. I mean I wasn't that girl like oh mi god I'm so ugly gahhhhh but I also wasn't the girl like oh no big deal I'm perf hahaha *add hair flip*. I don't know why really I just never did. Maybe it's because guys didn't even look my way till I was 17, I didn't have my first kiss till then either. Yup that's probably why. That's also a reason I wanted to leave the US. There's this on specific type the guys like and if you're not that you don't ever get a date. If you are a twig with big boobs your life is amazing, but if you're not then tough luck. But it's different in Europe, which I had learned at a young age, they look for rarities not consistencies. I know where I am flawed and make sure those things are ignored while others are enhanced.

"god I sound like a slut" I muttered to myself as I applied some lipgloss

That was the boys. All of a sudden a wash of butterflies filled my stomach. 

Could I do this?

Yes, of course I could. I could do anything. And with that I walked downstairs to answer the door.

Liams POV 

I heard ring through the old building as Zayn rang for Skyler. I was nervous and I could tell the other boys were to. Skyler was still a stranger. Which meant now we were picking up a stranger to go to a club with us. And knowing the press we would never hear the end of it either if things didn't work out and that terrified us. 

After what seemed like a lifetime the door opened and by even first glance my mouth dropped. She looked amazing. Even more amazing then normal. Her dress was short but not short, tight but classy, and revealing but not slutty she looked spectacular and if the other guys weren't drooling they had a problem but, I noticed looking at each of them, they were.
"you.." sputtered Louis before he shut his draw tight
"look..." Harry tried to continue before be awestruck himself.
I expected Zayn or Niall to at least try to finish the sentence but neither even bothered opening their mouths because they knew only jumbled letters would come out.
"beautiful." I finished when I realized the other boys were going to be useless. But even saying it left a lump in my throat because it was more than an understatement. It was close to a lie.
But, nonetheless, Skyler turned a hot pink before thanking each of us and returning the compliment. I couldn't help but notice her eyes linger on me. Did she? Was it just a trick of the light? Either way it left my stomach in knots as I tried to think of something witty and charming to say.
My best idea?
"well, we should get going!" I announced, disappointed at how lame it sounded but it did the trick because ever started walking towards the car. 
Once everyone piled in, Harry Louis and I on one side and Zayn Skyler and Niall on the other, everything seemed to go back to normal as the regular chatter began. Louis was going on about something but I had lost track of what as I couldn't help but stare at skylers long legs, they looked so smooth. Everything about her tonight made me think. 
I was so lost in thought I didn't notice everyone staring at me as if waiting for an answer
"what?" I questioned
"we're here doofus!" laughed Louis as he got out of the car.
Skyler only gave me strange look before climbing out herself. Well I look stupid now I thought to myself before following after Harry.

Skylers POV
I couldn't help but notice Liam staring at me for what seemed to be the whole car ride. I tried to ignore it by listening to Louis but I couldn't. Usually I would feel flattered by the attention of any man. But this was different, I felt like a silly school girl again. Almost giddy, as the butterflies flew gracefully in my stomach.

My trance was broken when I heard Liam ask "what", which was quickly followed by Louis nearly yelling "we're here doofus!" and hopping out of the car. I gave Liam one last glance before following in suit.

But I wasn't ready for what was to come.

It was like a wall to light.

It took me a second to adjust to the flashing lights which was mainly thanks to Zayn's reassuring arm around my waist. In the past 24 hours Zayn had turned into quite the brother type. Always taking care of me and making sure I was okay and for that I was grateful because I would be so lost without him. His arm was quickly followed by Liam whispering flirtatiously  into my ear, "Just smile and they'll love you forever. It's kind of hard not to be dazzled by you tonight," and grabbing my hand. I did as I was told and I heard the camera people laugh and coo over me, but before I knew it the flashing cameras turned into the flashing strobe which, in my opinion, was much better.

The boys immediately went to the bar almost forgetting about me as I stood halfway between the bar, door, and dancefloor. This is my chance I thought I can leave right now. I won’t have to worry about them or anyone else ever again. I have enough money. I’ll fly to Italy leave forever.

No. I wasn’t going to run away anymore. I was done with running. I’m here with One Direction, and I’m debating leaving? No.

After my own little inner conflict I look over towards bar. The boys are still there ordering drinks, laughing and chatting with the bartender who seems completely unfazed by all the celebrities. I’m not much of a drinker and I never have been, especially seeing in America I’m still underage. I debated for a bit then decided against it. Today wasn’t the day I was going to get hammered and do something extremely stupid.

So no leaving.

No drinking.

That leaves dancing. Good. I love to dance, so I walked over to the dance floor carefully but efficiently pushing my way towards the middle. I was always weird that way, I couldn’t be up on stage or at the ends of the group during dances I was always in the middle. I enjoyed feeling the flow of the group it was like electricity coursing through my body. I quickly began to dance and before I knew it a rough pair of hands were around my waist. I grinded it against the body before dropping and spinning around to stare at the strangers face, we danced together fast and rhythmically for a few minutes before his hands started to slide down my waist towards my butt.

“Woah there cowboy,” I say with a smile gently gliding his hands back up my waist, “that’s not for grabs.”

“Sure it ain’t,” He grunts as he pulls me closer full on grabbing my butt.

“HEY,” I yell pushing him away forcefully, “What the hell do you think you’re doing? I said no.”

“Well I said yes,” he protested pulling my arm towards him.

“NO LET ME GO! LET ME GO!” I scream pulling, trying to free myself. The next thing I see is solid white as his hand slams against my face. I side step surprised by the action and amazed by the scorching pain growing in the side of my face. “You son of a bitch..” I moan before lunging at him

Half way to him with my fist already in the air I feel myself pulled back by what I know is Zayn’s arms. When I look up the final thing I see is the guy sprawled across the floor and Liam looking like he’s going to murder someone, Harry and Louis had the same expression and I couldn’t see Niall’s face because he was facing the opposite direction dragging the guy out of the crowd. Harry and Louis followed immediately and after Zayn let me go he hurried after yelling something that I couldn’t quite understand…but it didn’t sound nice.

I paused for a moment looking at Liam who was beginning to calm down and next thing I knew I was dangling on him, holding him so tight hoping he wouldn’t leave. After he regained his balance I felt his arms gentle wrap around me. I put my face in the crook of his neck trying to hide the fact that I was sobbing. My face burned and I could feel how red it was.

“Are you okay?” He whispered in my ear

Liams POV

“Are you okay?” I whispered, she seemed so terrified.

“Mhmm” she mumbled into my neck. Who could someone do that? I mean I know he was drunk but to hit a girl. That is unacceptable.

“Are you—“

“Yes I’m sure,” she cuts me off looking at me with a stern look. Even in the dark I can see her face is red.

“Okay.” I mumbled as I reach out to touch her face. She cringed a little which startled me, “I’m sorry,” I mouth.

“It’s fine,” she says taking my hand and gently placing it on her cheek. It was extremely worm making my hand almost feel like ice, I saw the relief in her eyes to have something cool on it which made giggle a bit.

At that moment the dj came over the loud speaker, “How about we slow it down a bit? Now gents find a lady.”

I let go of her face stepping back a bit. She immediately looked at the ground as if assuming I was going to leave. “Can I have this dance?” I asked softly

“What?” She asked almost astonished. Like she didn’t think I wanted to dance with her.

“Can I have this dance?” I asked again

“Um sure.” She said bit unsure, shuffling her feet a bit.

I stepped towards her grabbing one of her hands and wrapping my other hand around her waist. Similar to how I see my parents dance. It always seem sweeter than just pressing up against each other.

“Where you really going to punch him?” I whispered in her ear.

“Yeah,” I heard her stifle a giggle at my question

“And you thought you could take her?” I questioned, this seemed unreasonable.

“Of course I could,” she responded immediately sounding slightly offended.

“I mean…I didn’t—“ I stuttered

“I know you didn’t,” she whispered.

“But my 6 years of karate begs to differ with your opinion,” she added and I could feel the smile in her voice.

“oh, Well remind me to never mess with you then.” I teased tickling her side.

“hahaha oh shush!” she exclaimed squirming a little

After our little conversation she curled up into my arms, holding me tight, and we just danced slowly for the rest of the night. No matter fast or slow we just danced.

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