Hiding From Me

Skyler has been hiding from herself for years. After a certain accident she moves far away to England where she lives peacefully and what she believes to be happily just making it by. That is until she meets 5 peculiar boys who open her eyes and possibly her past.


7. A Few Pranks


Skyler woke up the next morning dazed and confused. After a moment of just laying in the comfy bed she slowly opened her eyes one at a time to find that, this wasn't her comfy bed.

Skylers POV
Panic erupted through my body as I looked through the unfamiliar room.
Where was I? How'd I get here? Why was I here? 
I racked my brain trying to find an answer to any question. Let's see last thing I remember I was dancing with Liam. Then we got in the car. 

That's all I remember.

I shot up out of the bed. Only to realize that I wasn't in my dress anymore but in some baggy sweatpants and ragged tshirt, I squeal drifted from my mouth as pure panic set in.  I was in some room not in my cloths by myself. I crumpled to the ground with my head in my hands near tears, what have I done? I trusted the boys and they just left me? After a moment of self pity I jumped up and figured I had to leave. I looked carefully around the room scanning for my dress. When I couldn't find it I decided to just leave. 

I cautiously walked down the stairs. Many years of walking in silence through my house made me nearly unnoticeable. 
I looked around noticing there were a lot of rooms in this house but nothing that made it seems like home. No pictures or paintings or anything just a house.  I was about halfway to the door from the stairs when. 
I get nailed in the back falling to my knees then belly as I hear, "where do you think you're going" fear immediately took over as fight or flight kicked in. I felt myself crying as I squirmed and squealed trying to break free from this death grip.

"oh yah and you all say I'm the stupid one," I hear a familiar Irish voice say, "get off of her Louis she's about to piss her pants"

As in Louis Tomlinson?
Was I actually safe? 
I felt the body on me shift from side to side before finally getting off. I didn't realize how heavy he was until the air reentered my lungs after being crushed.

I just laid there not moving absolutely silent. The whole room was silent. After what seemed like eternity I pushed myself into a down dog position then walked my feet up to my hands, an old habit from 5 years of yoga.
"Well I'm liking the view from here, don't know about you mates." I heard a cheeky voice say

Yup. I was safe. That was Harry. 

I felt a sigh of relief slip through my lips as I saw three familiar faces staring at me.

"You boys gave me quite the scare!" I exclaimed trying to end the awkward silence. 

"really? Hadn't noticed!" said Louis innocently. Louis had that look about him that made me know he knew exactly what he did and he wasn't sorry he did it. He was trouble. Not the bad kind, of course, but the kind that probably kept everyone in the house on their toes in case of some falling bucket of water. 

"Of course you didn't.." I said exaggerating the last t. After a minor pause I finally took everything in, "hey! There's only 3 of you!  Don't you usually come in a set of 5? That's obviously what I payed for," I questioned jokingly flipping my hair to add dramatics. 

"well that deal is only offered after 10" Niall laughed, "you can't expect all of us to be early birds!"

I hadn't really thought to see what time it was so I peered around the room looking for a clock. When I finally found one it read 6:33. Holy cow it was early!

As I read the time a devious plan grew in my head and I could feel my mouth twist into a smirk.

"Oh I know that face," Harry said almost astonished and I turned to find him staring at me, "that's what Louis' face looks like when he has a plan!"

"whatcha thinking doc?" Louis asked sincerely interested, obviously  intrigued by my idea.

"wellllll," I started, "if the early bird gets the worm then lets find us a worm"

I winked at Louis who immediately knew what I was saying. We both started to chuckle leaving Harry and Niall in complete confusion. 

"whattttt?" Niall questioned and for the first time I noticed he had a bowl of cereal in his hand. 

"what sky is proposing her is we have some fun waking up the boys, glad I'm wearing off on you love." Louis explained slinging his arm around my shoulder.

"oh that's a good idea." Niall yelled almost dropping his bowl while jumping around.

"yah except Liam has been locking his door ever since the last incident we had and you know Zayn he'll kill us!" Harry said, I knew he was right but why would he decide to be sensible now? 

"well," I thought for a moment trying to think of a solution, "oh I know! Zayn wouldn't lay a finger on me right?"

"yah.." the boys said in harmony

"and it was my idea to do this right?"

"yah.." they answered again questionably 

"so if I did the prank he wouldn't kill us!"

"brilliant!!!" Louis yelled while tackling to me to the ground.

"well let's go" I whisper pushing Louis off of me.

I walked into what I assumed to be the kitchen grabbing a glass filling it with water and a dropper.

Niall walked in setting his bowl in the sinking and then turning to face me, "so what's the plan Stan?" he said in his funny American accent.

"oh you'll see," I said with a smile about to walk out the door. At the last moment I turn to look at him and say, "oh yah last time I heard someone say that my grandma was still alive babe."

As I walked out of the room I could here him laughing. 

I find Louis and Harry sitting on the steps waiting for me. They heard me coming and immediately looked up as I approached. After a few quiet minutes waiting for Niall I explained my plan.

"okay so I assume you have heard of Chinese water torture," I say examining the dropper, "well we're going to have an experiment on how good Zayn's reaction skills are." 
And with that I walked upstairs heading towards all the rooms.
Louis jumped in front of me silently motioning towards the room next to where I slept and opened the door quietly. 

I walked into a simple white room where I found Zayn sleeping on a queen sized bed which was pressed against the left wall. He was laying on his side with the blanket tucked just under his chin. I turned to the 3 sets of wide eyes and mouthed perfect. I cautiously navigated through the room being quiet as possible. When I got to Zayn I climbed on the bed and placed one leg on either side of his body to position myself perfectly.

After making sure he was still asleep I filled the dropper with water and carefully dropped one drop into his ear.

No movement.

After a few seconds I dropped another one.


I looked to Louis and Harry who merely shrugged not knowing what to do. I sighed then dropped another drop.

That did the trick.

Zayn grumbled a bit and then rolled on his back, nearly knocking me off the bed. After carefully regaining my balance I filled the syringe as much as I could with water.

I looked at the 3 boys who were awake. I held up my hand,

On three I shot the whole syringe of water into his nose. There was no wait as I jumped off the bed, just in time to because Zayn shot up out of bed in surprise. After about 30 seconds Zayn turned to us obviously furious.

"RUNNNNNNNNNN!" I squeal turning and racing out of the room with Harry, Niall, and Louis right on my heels. We sprinted down the hallway, took the steps to at a time, and raced into the kitchen to hide behind the counter.

After a few minutes we found a way to control our laughter as Zayn walked in.

"I know you're in here," Zayn growled. I covered niall's mouth in fear that he would start giggling like he usually does when he's nervous. I heard Zayn sigh and walk out of the room. I then realized I wasn't breathing because I let out a huge breath. Louis and I both stood up and turned around to find Zayn still standing there.

"gotcha" he smirked and then dove across the counter tackling Louis to the ground. 
Louis immediately started screaming and squealing but his noises fell on deaf ears as Zayn screamed profanities. I watched in half horror half humor as the boys rolled around. Eventually Louis got top and pinned Zayn to the ground.

He yelled "It wasn't me it was Skyler's idea I swear," then ran away hiding in the room one over.

I looked at Zayn with puppy dog eyes and immediately I could tell he melted. I walked over to him slowly raising my arms slightly and wrapping them around his waist in a way a daughter would do to a father. He immediately stiffened but slowly began to sink into my embrace.  “I sworry,” I whispered in a cute child’s voice.

“It’s okay Sky.” He said patting my head affectionately. I had been called sky since..nevermind but it felt so nice coming out of his mouth as if he really cared about me. I shook the evil thoughts out of my head and let go of Zayn's warm embrace. I looked into his brown eyes and a coy smile grew on my face.

"I'm not done you know?" I said as I carefully moved a piece of hair out of his face.

"No?" He said fixing his hair again 

"Nope!" I yelled, "there's still one left!" 

As if on cue in a movie Harry's head popped in the door way with Louis' on top of Harry's followed by Niall's on top of Louis'.


"Liam?" The asked in unison


"Liam." I answered definately

Zayn grabbed my shoulders and shook me "are you ready for this sky? Can you handle this?" He said almost sounding serious but I could see the smile dancing across his lips.


“I have 3 brothers. I can handle anything.” I said surely

Zayn just nodded looking me square in the eye. We looked at each other for a moment before he turned to Louis and said, “Lou get the water guns.”


Louis didn’t even respond he just turned on his heel and sprinted to the garage. He was back within seconds with four water guns. “Alright lets go.”

We all ran upstairs.


When we all got upstairs and everyone caught their breath again I motioned towards the door. Knowing it was already locked I didn’t bother jiggled the knob. I reached into my hair and pulled out a hidden pin, Niall looked amazed as he always did with my strange “girl” motions. With one swift motion there was a gentle click and the door opened. The boys nearly fell backwards with amazement. I slowly walked into the room motioning for the boys to be quiet.


Liam laid there motionless as if dead, he didn’t shift or fumble around he just laid there. He looked so peaceful like a little puppy napping midday.


I looked at the other 4 boys and they just stood there waiting for me to tell them what to do. I rolled my eyes at their inability to do anything productive and carefully climbed into bed. The boys looked mortified as if they could just die, Liam moved a little bit but I rubbed small circles in his back soothingly. When he was finally peaceful again I scooted up next to him and started to rub his arm. He moaned a little and I whispered “Liam…Liam. Wake up babe” he didn’t move but answered back, “Skyler? Oh skyler…just 5 more minutes.” I could hear Niall in the corner stifling his laugh.


“Okay babe,” I responded fishing something out of my pocket and moving my hand up his arm.

“5,” to his shoulder.

“more,” to his neck.

“minutes,” I finished as I dropped this ice down the back of his shirt.


There was no delay as Liam threw up the sheets screaming.


“NOW!” I yelled as I grabbed the sheets and covered myself and immediately on cue the boys unleashed their water weapons.


“OHMIGOD,” I head Liam yell, “GO TO HELL ALL OF YOU. HOW’D YOU EVEN GET IN HERE?” and with that I heard stomping down the hallway and the bathroom door slam.


I peeked out from behind the sheet to find the boys in fits of laughter and I found myself giggling.  But, before I could enjoy myself to much Liam stormed back in the room picked me up and threw me over his shoulder.


“AHHHH,”  I screamed as he carried me out of the room to the boys complete awestruck faces, “putttttt meeee downnnnnnnnn!”


“No.” he said sharply


Next thing I knew we had gone down stairs, went outside, and with a loud SPLASH I was thrown into a pool.

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