Little Love.

Louis' girlfriend moves half-way across the world.
What happens when he meets Jessica-Rose? Will it be love at first sight?


8. Your love is my drug, and my love is your drug.


"Whoa! Big house!" I yelped.
"Meh, it's okay" Zayn replied, nonchalantly. I rolled my eyes and walked inside.

Harry's POV:

We all strolled through the mahogany doors with embellished gold. 
"Party's inside and out, either either." a man with a tray of red plastic cups said.
"Hey lads, long day no see. Who's that?" Liam asked.
Maria wandered off, while we told Liam. We told him everything that happened, except for the cuts. Only I knew about that. 
"Oh, is she living at home now?" 
"Okay, I'm off to find Dani. Talk soon." 
"Bye Liamama" Louis yelped. 
I walked out to the pool, I saw Maria with a tall boy. A pang of jealousy stabbed at me. Who's he? I approached them, slowly.

Maria's POV:

"Josh!" I giggled. 
"Yeah?" his blue eyes stares passionately into mine. 
"Asdfghjkl" I whispered.
"You didn't ever text me back since I met you at the shops?" his bottom lip flopped out. 
"Sorry, I don't have a phone. But I still wanted your number."

"Who's this?" Harry asked, his eyes turning to slits. 
"Josh, Harry, Harry, Josh" I gestured. 
"I met him at the stores the other day." l said. 
"Okay, see ya around" Harry said, looking annoyed. 
"Don't worry, he's just overprotective." I assured him, twisting my head to the side and wrapping my arms around his neck. 
It felt right, he wrapped his arms around my hips. 
We swung there silently, the music pumping into my ears.
"Hey, why do you work at that store?" I asked.
"School, extra credit." he told me, whispering in my ear. 
"What school?" I asked.
"Le'Plagham High" he said. 
"I'm starting a new school around here, I wonder if it's that one." 
"Well, your boys Niall, Harry, Zayn and Louis go there. Dunno why though, maybe for some stability…" 
"True, true." I replied.
"Hey! I think I'm going there then, yay I'll see you." Yay! I like Josh. He's a genuinely nice person, with blue eyes and fairly bulky. 
I felt him leaning in, I leant in and his lips touched mine. They tasted of vanilla, his tongue lingered over mine. I pulled away. I sighed, "Whats up?" Josh asked.
"I'm sorry, I don't know if I'm ready for a relationship" I sighed again, why would someone like Josh want to be with me anyway? 
"It's okay, I'll still love you" he mumbled to me only. 
I smiled, things swirled around me fast. But I'm glad I came. 
"I live with the boys, just letting you know." I told him.
"I don't care, I trust you." He said kissing my forehead.
"I'll see you later, I'm gonna walk around" I told him. 
"No, I'm coming" he grabbed my hand and half-smiled.
We walked around, upstairs first. We lay down on the double bed for awhile, I told him about my stepfather and what happened with me and Louis. He was very understanding, and hugged me tightly when I was about to cry. 
We walked around a little more, until we saw people making out against the walls and laptops being smashed. 
"COS WE LIKE TO PARTY! AYE! AYE!" the music pumped, peoples fists pumped scarily in the air. 
Josh pushed me against the wall, hard but softly, I grunted and his lips crushed against mine. We stood there for a good ten minutes, before he had to go.
"Bye, I'll see you again sometime" I told him.
"Hope so" he smiled. So did I. 
I leant up to hug him, "Maria!" Niall called. "Hello" I said with a smile. 
"Where have you been all night?" he asked. 
"With Josh, where is Louis and Harry and Zayn?" I asked back.
"In the car, we're going."
"Oh, right. Liam coming?"
"Yeah, meet you in the car."
I ran after him, we got in and Liam drove us home. I watched, as the house vibrated and glowed…
Josh, he was just to good to be true. 
"It's so early, why are we leaving?" Louis moaned. 
"We have school tomorrow." Niall chimed in.
"MEH! I don't care." Louis whined. 
"Ohh, school" a smile creeped on me, I'd see Josh again. As the car turned on, a scream came from the house…

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