Little Love.

Louis' girlfriend moves half-way across the world.
What happens when he meets Jessica-Rose? Will it be love at first sight?


10. Why am I here?

Maria's POV:

"So who was that lad you were snogging, Maria?" Liam asked, giggling.
"A boy"
"He your boyyyfriend!" Liam giggled again.
"He is" Louis gasped.
"I dunno, maybe I guess."
"BESTY!" Harry exclaimed.
I rolled my eyes, shut up Harry.
"Look, let's go home and get some rest, I'm tired" I said adjusting my bandage, my wrist ached. I sighed heavily.

"We're home!"
"Yay, thanks Liam." I spluttered.
"What for?"
"Driving us," I winked.

I awkwardly dozed inside, very drunk.
My torso flopped onto the bed, and I pulled the covers up; punching my face as an end result. As the blanket slipped out of my hand.
I gave up, closed my eyes an drifted off into the oblivion.

Beep, beep, beep, beep.
My eyes fluttered open, dazed about my surroundings.
Why am I in the hospital, again?
"Maria! Oh god, we thought you were dead." Zayn said, sweating buckets.
"Why? I feel"- I suddenly felt queasy.
I drooped away back into my trance.

"OW! THE HELL!" I screamed.
"Sorry Maria, we need the medicine in you." A man with a long white cloak explained.
"Why am I here?" I asked, scared.
"Your cuts up your arm got infected by the incorrect bandage you put on, as for the lotion. It's meant for raw flesh"
I winced, glaring at my arm, it was oozing white, yellow and red thick liquid. Gross.
"IT'S ALL MY FAULT!" Harry cried.
I shifted instantaneously.
Everyone winced, the needle fell out of my arm and clattered onto the ground.
It smashed and the drugged-liquid began to sprinkle everywhere.
Beeping from the TV only showing squiggly lines quickened, doctors rushed in and yelled.
Everything moved so slow, my blinking felt like a small sleep because of how slow it happened.
"Mariah, wakey wakey!" Louis poked me, I stifled a smile.
Louis, gotta love ya!
"Did I pass out AGAIN?" I asked.
"Yeah," Harry replied nervously.
"Wow, okay" I gloomed.
"Your arm needs air" Liam yelled across the air.
I glanced at my arm, white and yellow thick liquid oozed out of the slits. White blood cells, and puss. Great! I have school tomorrow, the alarm on Zayns phone flared.
"Zayn, what's the time?" I asked.
"6.00am, why's that?"
"SCHOOL!" I lifted my good arm and swung it against my forehead.
He nodded, I got told that we can go in early.
"Oh that's good." I said in a nice tone.
Zayn winked, "Hey can I borrow a cellphone?" I asked.
"Here." Louis handed me his.
I punched the buttons slowly with my righty then texted Josh;
Hi josh, i am not sure if were going 2 same sch but i hope so
I pressed send and deleted it out of the sent inbox. Louis was bound to read it, I waited for a reply but he didn't. I gave Louis the phone back and lay there.

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