Little Love.

Louis' girlfriend moves half-way across the world.
What happens when he meets Jessica-Rose? Will it be love at first sight?


6. We shop, but we got something free.

Harry's POV:

"OOHH! SPONGEBOBS ON!" I exclaimed, excited.
"I've seen all the episodes, babe" I told Maria. 
"Hmm? I've only seen some; like the one when he goes into the squirrels house"- "her name is Sandy!"- I interjected. "Sandy, I mean of course" she snickered. 
"OHH! Oh, I've seen this one" How annoying. Can't they play new episodes?
"Can we go somewhere? I'm bored, let's go to the converse factory!" Louis exclaimed happily. 
"Maria? You up for that?" 
"Yeah guys. But I have no money." She sighed.
I walked out of the room and walked into Zayn's room. Opened his closet and grabbed a shoe-box. It was filled with twenties, wow Zayn saves good. I took out about $500.00 in twenties, fifties and an occasional hundred. I jogged back into the lounge.
"Five hundred dollars, courtesy of Zayn" 
"No thanks" she pushed my hand away. I rustled the notes and extended my hand again.

Maria's POV:
As much as I wanted FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS I couldn't take it, that was unfair. But taking money off Zayn didn't seem to phase him one bit. Oh right, rich boys, one direction. Pop sensations. 
Harry's hand was getting floppy and irritated. 
"I'll be your best friend! If you take this." Harry exclaimed.
"Naw, I need a best friend! Only because I absolutely want you as my besty!" I giggled.
He handed me the money and I shoved it down my pocket, it was deeper then I thought. The crisp, new feel of the money excited me. Maybe I could fit it and be normal for once.

Louis' POV:

"Can I drive? You're a bit of an irresponsible prick." Niall told me a-matter-of-factly. 
"1. No you can't drive. And 2. You swear too much." Niall rolled his eyes.
"Hey lads. What's happening with Liam? Is he staying at Dannys?" Niall asked, anyone who was listening.
"I'll text him." I said, annoyed that Liam hadn't informed us on what've was gonna do. 
To: Liamama
What are you doing tonight? Staying at Dannys?
We sat there for a good ten minutes until he finally replied.
From: Liamama
Yes Louis. Be home tomorrow, by the way. Party at Danny's, 6PM sharp. Be there, please.
"Hey lads, Liam wants us to go over to Danny's. Party there, want to go?" I asked.
They all nodded to each other, and I sent a confirmation. Liam replied with a smiley face and we were off. I took the convertibles top off so the breeze flowed dramatically.
Buzzes and murmurs went on but I focused on driving.
"Yus! We're here!" Zayn announce relieved. 
"I need something to wear to this party-thing." said Maria.
"Yeah, um. You go do that and we'll eat!" Niall suggested. Of course he wants to eat, thats all he wants to do.

"Yus! We're here!" Zayn announce relieved. 
"I need something to wear to this party-thing." said Maria.
"Yeah, um. You go do that and we'll eat!" Niall suggested. Of course he wants to eat, thats all he wants to do. 
Maria's POV:

The boys went off to eat at Nando's whilst I shopped for a dress.
I didn't really know what I wanted, besides I don't think I'd suit anything. I don't have the best assets and my shopping skills are obliterated. I fumbled into Sky High Inc. where I bought a tight-fitting black number, very plain and I just bought a matching purse to go with it. I didn't care really, I went off to find the boys, they wanted to come to the converse factory. 
I wandered into a nearby shop, an annoyingly flashy sign glinted ButterBody. A man walked up to me.
"How can I serve you?" he asked.
"Oh, well I was just looking." I said faintly.
"Okay, well my name is Jake, but you can all me, anytime." He flirted, cheesily. I giggled.
"Okay, can I have your number?" I asked.
"69, babe." 
"Ha, ha. Give me it!" I nudged him.
He wrote on the paper, "Here, hey I didn't catch your name" 
"Maria" I said, "Hey Maria" he winked. 
"I have to go, bye" I hugged him, that wasn't usually me. But he asked for a hug. So I gave it to him.
Nando's was right there, I walked in and told the receptionist that I would be eating with the boys. 
"Yeah, right! That's what they all say. Please if you're going to eat, AWAY from the boys, then eat. We have free tables for two, four, six, eight, even twelve! Etcetera. So?" his head turned to the side creepily. 
"No! I live with One Direction! You don't understand, do you!" Die-man-that-was-serving-me! I punched his nose and he exclaimed, caressing his nose with his meat sausages of a hand. I stormed straight into the dining room and scanned the tables, no sign. I clippity-clomped into the private area, where I saw a glint of blonde hair. I smiled with relief, "Oh my goodness!" I exclaimed.
Everyone looked up from their food except for Niall, of course. 
"Hey, didn't you order a table for five?" I asked REALLY annoyed.
"I did, silly!" Louis exclaimed! Lying voice. 
"Whatever, the man at the door gave me shit so I punched that." I said.
"MARIA! IF YOU GET ME BANNED FROM NANDO'S, I'LL NEVER EVER FORGIVE YOU!" he yelled, oh so scared. I flinched, scared Niall screamed at me.
"oh, sorry" I mumbled, my cheeks flushed TOMATO red, which was rare.
I knew how much he loved Nando's.
"Um"- "NIALL YOU CUNT!" Louis screamed. 
"Piss off, Louis. Look, I'm sorry I didn't mean to be mean to you. But I don't want to be banned!" Niall's eyes burned with sadness. 

How could I not forgive him? I smiled.

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