Little Love.

Louis' girlfriend moves half-way across the world.
What happens when he meets Jessica-Rose? Will it be love at first sight?


7. My self-inflicted drug.


Marias POV:


Only I was banned, fortunately.

"Sorry, Maria" Niall kept repeating.

"It's fine" I replied nonchalantly.

He looked away, and I flushed. 
I wandered around, into the bathroom. I saw a razor, my heart skipped a beat and pounded rapidly. Only thing I knew what to do with a razor. Um, but why would I need to? More scars? Because my life is fine. Nothing's wrong.
Except for Niall Horan screaming threateningly at me. A tingle wormed down my spine, my wrists pumped with blood. Sweat beaded down my temples and my lips quivered annoyingly. Why is my reaction to a razor so melodramatic? 
I begun whispering to myself.
"You killed your on step-father, beat him with a sharp tree-branch. You lost your virginity to a 42 year old man, nobody loves you Maria. You're not good enough. Who would want you?" I mumbled, more and more. I wasn't worth anyone, who would want me? I cried, mournfully. Wishing to be beautiful and perfect, like the Tumblr girls. Perfect everything. 
I picked up the razor and scratched it hard, blood raced out of my wrists. 
It was like a drug, feels good in the moment.

"MARIA! WHERE ARE YOU?" I heard Harry screech. 
Crap! I got up off the toilet and flicked the lid up and flushed it loudly.
"In the toilet!!! Be down in five" I yelled. Oh, CRAP! The party! My dress, what am I going to do? My wrists looked like crap. Crap, crap, CRAP. I'll just wear a cast-looking bandage, good thinking. I opened the Medi-Co. cabinets and pulled out a roll of bandages and some orange sticky stuff. I applied the orange stuff and rolled the bandage around it several times. 
Satisfactory, I'm guessing. I don't know what it's meant to look like though. Harry knocked on the door, I fumbled out and his eyes flickered to my arm, alarmingly. 
"Fell over my laces." I lied. 
He looked at my shoes, "Maria your shoes don't have laces?" Harry asked. 
Really! My face flushed pink. 
"What happened?" he asked. 
"Nothing, Harry! Why do you care? I fell, end of. Now get out of my way I have a party to get ready for." I tried to sound assured, fail.
His eyebrows squished together, "Mars, your arm."
"Hars, no. I am fine, I must get ready so if you'll excuse me. "
He grabbed me and pushed me into the bathroom. I got scared, it reminded me of my step-fathe…
I begun to cry, "Sorry, mars. But I need to do this" he hugged me "your arm." He instructed. 
I hesitated, then gave my arm over. 
He rolled the bandage up, you couldn't see anything the sticky orange lotion blurred the cuts. He grabbed a baby-wipe and wiped it all off. He touched my clean arm, clean but filled with leaking cuts, his eyes looked up to me. 
"Knew it" 
"How?" I asked. 
"Just did"- he stopped. 
"You used to?" I gasped. 
"I was bullied in school, did everything I could to torture myself. Follow the crowd" oh Harry.
"Cover it up, you have ten minutes. We'll be downstairs, okay?"
I nodded, he walked out the door as I rubbed more honey-like lotion onto my arm. I pulled down the bandage, it was kind of creased but eh.
I ran into my room and got changed.
"Ready!" I yelled nervously. I skipped down the stairs where the boys stood tapping and fiddling impatiently. They all looked nice in vests and jeans. Harry looked up, I clucked my tongue and smiled.

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