Little Love.

Louis' girlfriend moves half-way across the world.
What happens when he meets Jessica-Rose? Will it be love at first sight?


5. I am welcomed, half-heartedly.


Maria's POV:

We just finished eating and giggling uncontrollably. "Niall, well I must go it was nice meeting you." I waved.
What, huh? I was confused.
"You're staying here, duh!" Louis said shocked.
"Er, no I'm not." I fumbled.
"I almost died saving your life! I told you; you're my souvenir! You get to keep souvenirs silly!" Louis barked on. 
"I don't want to intrude" I bunched my hair over my shoulder nervously.
"You won't" Harry chimed in. 
"Okay then, I'll stay" butterflies swooped around my stomach. 
Zayn went up to Louis and began to whisper, my butterflies stopped instantly. My stomach dropped to the pits of Tartarus. Zayn, doesn't want me here. 
"Oh Maria, don't worry! I'm not about to kick you out. It's just we have a concert tomorrow. And well yeah" Zayn said, frowning. He looked like he couldn't figure out something.
"Maria, on Monday"- Harry smiled a breath-taking half smile-"you're coming to school, with us. Fun!" Harry snickered. I shook my head, I guess I'm going to school. But I'm not going for me, I'm going for him.

Harry's POV: 
I didn't like Maria, I only liked her as a friend. Maybe even a best-friend. I looked at her and she was giggling away. I couldn't wait to introduce her to Liam, if I got the chance. Niall, Zayn and Louis were grogging over her like a worm dangling from a hook.


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