Little Love.

Louis' girlfriend moves half-way across the world.
What happens when he meets Jessica-Rose? Will it be love at first sight?


1. I say goodbye to half of my heart.


Louis' POV:


I was strong, healthy. I could take it, no I couldn't. My eyes watered; no. Boys shouldn't cry, it's wrong on so many levels. Elenoar is leaving, to Australia and we were over. Over, over, o-over. A water barrier begun to form in my eyes blurring my vision. "Louis, I'll love you until I die." She promised me. "I'll love you till I die, too." We hugged, then she left. Maybe for forever. I left home, weeping and drowning in my sorrows. On my way back I took a shortcut, the road was deserted. I got out of the car and dwelled on my thoughts. A girl ran out of an alleyway, a man was behind her slashing a knife in the air. Lunging for her chest.

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