Little Things.

Marley meets a cute boy named Niall that really cares for her and she really cares for him but there is another boy named Louis that likes Marley so what will happen?


2. The Next Day.

* Still Marley's P.O.V *

I got to school and I was walking past the bulletin boards and I saw a poster that said 'Glee club Auditions at 12:00 today come and have a go!' I put my name down because I love singing. I ran and told Niall straight away. He told me that he was already in Glee club, he must be a good singer I thought to myself.

* 12:00 *

"Marley Jackson to the stage." I walked up to the stage and started singing the song called 'The New York State of Mind.' Suddenly everyone started clapping and they stood up and then the Choir teacher said "Welcome to the Glee Club". I screamed and ran off the stage.

Niall's P.O.V

Oh my god, Marley is amazing. She will make us win the big singing competition next week. Shes walking towards me and I said "At the end of the week were doing a performance Grease so you need to go get your costume ready because your Playing Sandy. Don't Worry I'm Playing Danny." I said to her. She went and got fitted for her costume and she looked amazing in it, she finished getting fitted and we walked to our next class together.

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