Little Things.

Marley meets a cute boy named Niall that really cares for her and she really cares for him but there is another boy named Louis that likes Marley so what will happen?


1. The New Girl.

Niall's P.O.V

Im walking down the hallway and turn and walk into my classroom, it is my history class today. I walked to the back of the room and sat on my chair and put my books on my table, my teacher walked into the room and sat on her chair. She opens her mouth and said quite loudly "Good Morning everyone, we will be having a new student joining us today, Niall can you please go get her in fifteen minutes!". "Sure" I answered while she got up and started talking about the 20's.

* Fifteen Minutes Later *

I got up out of my chair and walked out the room to make my way to the office to pick up the new girl. I opened the door and there sat a stunning girl, she had long brown hair that had a bit of a curl at the front. A purple tank top and a denim skirt with purple ballet flats. I walk up to her and say "Hey are you the new girl?"   She stood up and said "Yes, I'm Marley." Her voice is so beautiful. "I'm Niall, Welcome, I hope you have a great time at our school." I said to her in my irish accent. "Thanks." She said while blushing. Then we walked to class.

Marley's P.O.V

Niall is so cute, we talked the whole way to class. He is so nice, he even walked me to the cafeteria for lunch. We got there and he passed me a tray and we got our lunch, I have some wedges and a can of soda. We walked past a group of kids they were in Glee club (Choir). Then he introduced me to his friends, and pulled my chair out for me then i sat down. His friend were so nice to me, now I dont feel so much like the New girl Anymore.

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