My Popular Best Friend

Sugar Cooper has always had a terrible life. Her parents got divorced and she’s been bullied all her life. She’s never had a best friend. Well, except one. And she’s is the beautiful, popular Krista Poppers.

Sugar and Krista have been best friends ever since kindergarten, until 5th grade when Krista had to move to another state. Sugar was devastated that she had nobody to talk to, nobody to sit with at school, nobody to stand up for her when she’s bullied.

Then, one day, Sugar’s family decided to move California to see Krista. Sugar was very excited to see Krista, until she got to her new school and found out that her best friend is in the popular crowd. Will these two girls become besties again, or just become enemies? You’ll have to read this story to find out!

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1. Kindergarten


I hid behind my mom's legs as the classroom door swung open. 

  "Hello, there," a cheerful voice chirped.   

"Hello," my mom said politely. "I'm Julie."

  "And who's that hiding behind your legs?" the lady asked, bending down to see me. She had short, wavy red hair and blue eyes. 

  "Oh, that's Sugar," Mom said, grabbing me from behind her legs. "She's going to join your class this year."  

"Hi, Sugar!" the lady said cheerfully. "I'm Ms. Morris. It's really great to meet you! You're going to have a great time here! I guarantee you, honey!"   Yeah, right, I thought bitterly to myself. 

 "Bye, Sugar!" Mom said as she walked away. "Have fun!"

  "Come on, Sugar," Ms. Morris said, taking me by the hand and pulling me into the classroom (aka jail cell).

  "Class!" she called to the students. "We have a new student and she's going to introduce herself."

  Oh, gosh, no! 

  "Uh," I started as I faced my classmates, who were staring impatiently at me. "I'm Sugar Cooper and I-"   The whole room exploded with laughter. 

  "Sugar?!" a kid laughed. "What a stupid name!"

  As everybody laughed, tears started to drop out of my eyes and crawl on my pale face. I ran out of the classroom and into the hallway, crying my eyes out. 

  "Sugar, honey," Ms. Morris's soft voice said. "Don't cry. It's okay. They didn't mean to hurt your feelings. Go back inside, okay? I'll talk with the class."

  I looked up at her and nodded. I got up and slowly went back to the classroom. Ms. Morris followed.    "You all should be ashamed of yourself!" Ms. Morris fussed at the kids. "That was cruel of what you did to Sugar! That's not how we treat new students! We treat new students with respect! Now, if I ever catch any of you bothering her ever again, you will be punished. Understand?"  

"Yes, Ms. Morris," they all said in unison. 

  "Good," Ms. Morris said. Then she bent down next to me and said, "Now, Sugar, if they ever say anything or do anything to harm you, tell me and I'll take care of them, okay?"

  I nodded. 

  Then she went back to the students. "Now, class," she said. "Apologize to Sugar."

  "We're sorry, Sugar," everybody said in unison. I could still hear a few snickers and giggles. 

  "Good," Ms. Morris said. "Now, time for recess."  

"Yays" and "whoohoos" echoed through the room as the students rush out of the classroom and of course I was the last one out. 


I looked around the playground to find somebody to play with. 

  I walked over to an African American boy with glasses who was playing in the sandbox.

  "Uh, hi," I said timidly. "I-I'm Sugar and I was wondering if I could play with you."

  The boy just burst out laughing.    "Like I would want you to play with me!" he exclaimed. "Get lost! Go play with a bug or something!"  

I walked over to a girl who was swinging on the swings. She had shoulder-length brown hair and a blue headband.

"Uh, hi," I said as friendly as I could. "I'm Sugar. Can I push you?"   "Ew, no," she said obnoxiously. "Go away."   I walked away and walked over to an empty bench. I hung my head and started crying.

  "Hey," a voice said. "You okay?" 

  I looked up and saw a girl walk over to me. She had curly blonde hair and blue eyes. 

  "No," I said. "I hate it here! I wanna go home!"

  "Don't listen to them," the girl said. "They're just meanies. I'm Krista."  

"I'm Sugar," I said softly. 

  "Sugar?" Oh, please don't make fun of my name! Please don't! "Cool name!"

  "Really?" I asked in shock. "You like that name?"   "Yeah," she said. "It's a cool name. Unlike my name, my name is normal and boring."

  "I like your name," I said.

  "Thanks," she said. "Wanna go play on the swings?"  

I nodded. 

  "Come on," she said, grabbing me by the hand and dragging me towards the swings.

  This is starting to be a really good day.


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