Is this really happening ....A Harry Styles Love Story

Lauren is your average girl, until she enters a contest to meet her favorite band One Direction. The moment she lays her eyes on the boys her life changes forever. Lauren gets this one in a lifetime opportunity and it changes her whole perspective, will Lauren's past affect the decision or will it destroy her.

Hey guys it's Lauren. Everything in this story the hardships is all based on my life and every person whose name is in here are actually what there part is. I would love some feedback, thanks so much for reading this I love you all (:
A big thanks to my co-author Kathryn( the girl in my story) and everyone should go check out Moments by kmwdancer13(:


6. The Park

I am in the car with Harry and we are having so much fun.  We just keep laughing and laughing and all of a sudden my phone goes off to "They don't know about us." Harry takes my hand and kisses it, I look who it is and it says "Kathryn Is My Best Friend."

OK so I answer it and she says "Hey is it OK is Shelby comes along?"  (Shelby is one of Kathryn, Raquel, and I best friends) I ask Harry and he says sure. So I tell Kathryn that it's OK and we that we are almost at the park.

 Harry and I get there first and no one is there, like always, so I ask him to give me a piggy back ride and he obviously says yes. He brings me to the swings and he pushes me.  I come off the swings and I give him the biggest hug. I just don't want to let go.  I look at him and he is looking at me, I lean in and he closes the gap in between us and we end up like that for about 5 minutes the reason I know that is because Liam and Louie scream "Are you two done yet? It's been 5 minutes."  I give Harry another hug like its the last time I will ever see him and he hugs me back.  They Harry says "Baby get on my back" I say "OK."

 He then goes over to Liam and says "See this? This is Lauren on MY back, and she is MY girlfriend." I jump off of Harry's back and I go and give Liam a hug. I don't let go of him and Harry opens his arms for me to go into his, but I shake my head no.  I say "If your going to be mean to Liam I will just have to let him give me piggy back rides and not you."

Harry is so upset about this he starts to cry, he goes over to Liam and says "May I speak with you privately." Liam says "If your girlfriend would let go of me I will." So like a baby I put my arms out to Louie and give him a hug and I don't want to let go.  Harry and Liam are talking privately and they don't notice that they are talking so loud that me and Louie can hear them.  

Harry says to Liam "I'm sorry mate it's just that I love Lauren with everything I have and I just don't want to loose her."  While they are having there little conversation Louie and I are playing spies like 5 year old's and we go into this red tube so we can hear everything they say.  At one point in their conversation, Liam says to Harry "Mate honestly you have nothing to worry about because I would never do that to you. Yeah Lauren is hot but I mean you two look great together."

Louie and I get out from the red tube and I say to Louie that I am going to go see my wonderful boyfriend.  I go behind him and turn him around. I say to him, "Baby I heard everything you both said and you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I honestly love you more then I love myself.  You would never ever lose me, I will not let that happen. All I want to do is be yours."  

Harry and I then kiss and I know that he feels the same way.  After the kiss I look at my phone and say "Where the hell are they!"  I end up calling Kathryn and Shelby answers the phone. She says "Oh hey there best friend. w\Well, Kathryn and Niall are taking FOREVER to freaking decide what they want to eat, they just argue and kiss. We'll be there in 5 minutes because they just finished figuring out what they want to eat!!" I'm laughing and I say "Don't worry Shelbs, its cool just hurry up I want to introduce you to my new best friends and well my hot ass boyfriend." We both laugh and hang up the phone.  

Harry then turns to me asking what did u call me, was it "your hot ass boyfriend" I laugh and say "Yup. I hope that's OK with you."  He says "Oh it's more then OK." We both laugh and he kisses me. Then all of a sudden I hear my name being screamed.  "LLAAUURREEEEEEEENNNNNN!!!!!" I look and scream "SHELBSSSS!!!!" I give her the biggest hug ever. I bring her over to the other 3 boys and say "Shelby I would love for you to meet Liam and Louie and of course 'my hot ass boyfriend' Harry."  Shelby says hi to everyone but she has her eyes fixed on Liam, and Liam has his eyes fixed on Shelby. 

 Harry and I notice it and we both whisper to each other "uh-oh."  Shelby gives me a death glare and I start hysterically laughing. anyways Harry says where is Niall and Kathryn. "Oh they are still eating in the car I swear 45 minutes for them to decide what they want to freaking eat. "We all start dying laughing and then Niall and Kathryn finally decide to show up.  Niall apologizes for being late and I go up to him and give him a hug and go back to Harry.

"EXCUSE ME GIRLIE WHAT ABOUT ME" Kathryn says. I laugh and I say "Sorry Kat." I give her a hug and we all just hangout and play at the park.  Its been 30 minutes and Liam decides to pull me over.  He says "Lauren I need to talk to you."  I say "Liam, if its about Shelby then go for it, she would love a guy like you. And just saying I know she would say yes." So he says "Thanks Lauren." He then goes over to Shelby and asks her on a date. She gives him a hug and says yes and gives him a kiss on the cheek.

Raquel and Zayn still haven'y shown up. I call her and she says she just got into the parking lot. I tell everyone and we go and run into the parking lot applauding that they finally got here.  They both laugh and I ask them what was taking them so long. Raquel said "Well every time we passed a reflective surface Zayn just HAD to look into it." I should have guessed. It was typical.  Then Zayn says, "Ummm babe you were look into one for 15 minutes."  We all laugh and Kathryn and I already know that our Raquel does that a lot like for example in gym, she doesn't stop fixing her hair. I knew that Kathryn was thinking the same exact thing because we both look at each other and start laughing.

We all go back to the park and hang around like little kids and then after we all decide to go out to this fancy restaurant. I pulled Louie aside and asks him if my other friend could be his date." He says "That would be great because I don't want to be a 9th wheel!" I say "OK her name Paige."  So I grab my phone and I call Chuchie (my nick name for her).  I ask her if she would want to be Louie Tomlinson's date.  She is like me and my friends with One Direction so she accepts immediately.I text her the address where we would be meeting and we all go to our cars.  

I ride with Harry, Shelby rides with Liam, Louie rides by himself, Raquel rides with Zayn and Kathryn rides with Niall. We all meet at ABC kitchen and I hear my name being called out really really loudly "LLLLAAAAUUUURRRREEEEEENNNNNN" We both scream and I introduce her to her date.  We all go inside and Paige and Louie are really hitting it off.  Then we see the paparazzi and we all get nervous.  Then something big happens and we hear a huge crash.  I grab onto Harry with my life.  

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