Is this really happening ....A Harry Styles Love Story

Lauren is your average girl, until she enters a contest to meet her favorite band One Direction. The moment she lays her eyes on the boys her life changes forever. Lauren gets this one in a lifetime opportunity and it changes her whole perspective, will Lauren's past affect the decision or will it destroy her.

Hey guys it's Lauren. Everything in this story the hardships is all based on my life and every person whose name is in here are actually what there part is. I would love some feedback, thanks so much for reading this I love you all (:
A big thanks to my co-author Kathryn( the girl in my story) and everyone should go check out Moments by kmwdancer13(:


5. The Date

When Kathryn and Raquel say "He's here". Harry, Zayn, and Niall look at each other then look back at Kathryn and Raquel and ask "Who?" I look over so worried, Bryan and his crew were here.  So calmly I say "My ex. I really don't care." They boys say "So, at least you don't care about Bryan anymore.", but Harry can sense that there is something wrong. 

He comes over to me and grabs my hand and says "We will be right back." The girls look at me and then look back and say "Are you OK?"  I nod and go with Harry.  Harry pulls me into the parking lot and I start to cry, he asks me why I'm crying and I say "Because you're going to break up with me." "Lauren, that is the last thing I would ever do." He kisses me and his tongue enters my mouth.

  We kiss for about 4 minutes and we were rudely interrupted by this girl pulling me away from Harry and turn me away to face her.  It's Raquel and Kathryn they said "James just walked and he looks so mad because he saw you and Harry kissing."  Harry is so confused so I tell him the story. 

I start to cry because a couple of days before James kissed me in history class, he asked me out and I said no and he hit me, the only people that knew about that was Kathryn and Raquel. We all looked at each other silently and I nodded to Raquel, she told Harry. While Raquel was telling Harry, Niall and Zayn come out and ask what was taking me so long. I was in Harry's shirt I couldn't move I honestly was crying so much. Harry could see how upset I was and he lifted my face up and kissed me. Then he whispered in my ear "Baby no one will ever touch you, I love you so much" Then he started singing they don't know about us.  I started to sing along.  

I told him that I love him more then myself and he said it right back to me. "Lets go eat babe" Harry says, so I'm like "OK" and we all order. Kathryn and Niall sit next to each other and Raquel sits on the other side of Kathryn and then Zayn across from her I'm next to Zayn and Harry. 

I just get french fries and Niall, Zayn, and Harry all look at me and say "That's all you want?"  I'm just like "yeah that's all I'm eating." Kathryn and Raquel know why I'm not ordering a lot of food and Kathryn texts me "you better eat it all Missy" I laugh and say "You know I will Kat ( my nickname for her) I'm not like that anymore."  Harry says "Like what?"  

I take a deep breath and say "Anorexic."  Then I continue to say "Actually Harry, Zayn, Niall all of you plus Liam and Louie have saved my life." They all look so confused. "I was hospitalized and they said that if I didn't eat I would have to have tubes in my stomach."  They all are in shock. My girls already know this story and they knew how One Direction has saved my life. "So anyways I didn't want that so I did what they said"

I then told them that I have been bullied since second grade and I'm a freshman in high school.  Everyday I would go home and instead of doing bad things to myself I would listen to One Direction.  I then turned to them all and said "Thank you for saving my life unintentionally." They all are shaking and they can't even say anything. What I didn't know was that Raquel had taken Niall's phone before I started and did a three way call with Liam and Louie.  Raquel told me that they all heard what I said.  I'm like "well thank you all , I wouldn't be here without you."

Harry is the first one to speak. He says "Baby no one can ever, ever take you away from me."  He kisses me and says "Your welcome."  They all do. Raquel and Kathryn said that they were proud of me for telling them, because I never had told anybody that before. We all eat and the boys pay and we go outside, since the boys drove each boy drove their date home. 

I said goodbye to the girls and that since tomorrow was Saturday, we get to see each other tomorrow.  I gave them all the biggest hug ever.  I gave the boys a hug and they kissed me on the cheek and then gave their dates a kiss on the lips. 

I go back to Harry and just go and hug him and then I end up crashing my lips on his.  He is really happy and he invites me to sleep over so I accept.  We are saying goodbye to everyone and then James screams my name and I say to Harry that's him that's James.  He says "Its OK babe I got you'.  James comes up to me and tells me "Lauren, I can't stop thinking about the kiss we had in History.  The truth is Lauren I have been in love with you since you started going out with Bryan."  He then asks, "Will you go out with me?" Harry then says "Back off dude she's mine."

 We kiss and he tells me to get in the car so I say "OK" and bye to James.  Harry and James are talking and I see through the rear view mirror that James pushed Harry.  I can hear them yelling that they want me.  I then hear James saying "But I love her" Harry punches James and he goes down.  Luckily we can get away.  Harry comes into the car and we drive to his house. 

While we are in the car I start singing randomly, cause I do that a lot. I then realize it and I stop and Harry says "Baby don't stop I love it and I love everything that makes up you, I just love you and I would do anything for you."  He starts singing Little Things.  I start to sing along and we end up at his house. 

We go inside and he gives me some sweat pants and a shirt to wear and he changes, he looks so hot.  I say to him "Baby can I tell you something?" He motions over to me and I sit on his lap.  I tell him that my past relationships have been horrible and that I never had felt this way about anyone before and that I am in love with him.  He then starts crying and I ask why. He said he was so  happy because he is in love with me too. 

We kiss, watch movies and then when the movie is over he picks me up and carries  me to his room.  We talk the entire night and I end up falling asleep around 4, while I was asleep Harry was singing to me.  I was so calm and peaceful.  While I was asleep Harry goes on twitter and Instagram, both following me. 

I dream about that entire day and how much I love Harry.  Harry falls asleep a little while after me.  I get woken up by his soft lips on mine.  He says "Good morning beautiful."  I honestly love him so much.  We go and get breakfast, shower and get ready.  I then call Raquel and Kathryn and we decide to go to the park a little while away from here.  Then I take Harry's hand and lead him to the car and we go to the park, and I can't wait to get there. 

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