Is this really happening ....A Harry Styles Love Story

Lauren is your average girl, until she enters a contest to meet her favorite band One Direction. The moment she lays her eyes on the boys her life changes forever. Lauren gets this one in a lifetime opportunity and it changes her whole perspective, will Lauren's past affect the decision or will it destroy her.

Hey guys it's Lauren. Everything in this story the hardships is all based on my life and every person whose name is in here are actually what there part is. I would love some feedback, thanks so much for reading this I love you all (:
A big thanks to my co-author Kathryn( the girl in my story) and everyone should go check out Moments by kmwdancer13(:


9. The Best Friend Talk/ A/N

  I open the door and Niall, Kathryn, Zayn, Raquel, Louie, and Paige just invite themselves in.  "Well alright then come in." I laugh.  Kathryn taps me and says "Lauren this is no time for laughing." I know when Kathryn says that, that this is serious.  "Lauren do you love me?"  "Of course I love you.... do you love me?" "Yes Lauren very much but you need to listen to all of us now." So we all go and sit on the couches in the living room and Harry puts his arm around me and then they start.

  Paige takes a deep breath and starts to talk to me first.  "Lauren how long have we been friends?" "Since we were two." "You know I love you so much and we all are going to help you get through this."  "What are you talking about?" Paige looks at Kathryn and she nods and they both say "We all know that your anorexia is coming back and you are having thoughts about it." I look down ashamed and start to cry a little and Harry kisses me on the cheek and says that it will be OK.  Next Raquel taps Paige on the shoulder and that indicates that she is going to talk to me next.  

  Raquel looks at me and says "DJ Styles" I start to laugh and the boys look at each other and start to laugh and I look at her and say "yes PotatoNando" Niall is laughing so hard but what its our nicknames for each other.  "Lauren you are gorgeous stop and look in the mirror."  So she grabs my hand and leads me to the mirror and I start to point out all of my flaws.  Then Raquel motions over to Harry and he stands behind me and wraps his arms around me.  He shows me that he cant find the flaws so I show him and he still doesnt see it.  Raquel says "See Lauren to Harry doesn't see your flaws, and since he is your boy friend that should matter only.  I go and give my PotatoNando a hug and say thank you.  Next Shelby comes over and taps me on the shoulder next.  

  "Lauren" Shelby says. "Yes Shelbs" I say.  "I know the bullying is hard and on top of it you have a eating disorder but the Lauren we all know and love should be the Lauren that everyone sees.  Your gorgeous, smart, and super cool, and I speak for everyone here when I say that we all love you."  I look around and Harry,Zayn,Niall,Louie,and Liam, all scream "WE ALL LOVE YOU LAUREN!!" Then they all give me a group hug and I couldn't breathe.  Then some how I end up in Harry's arms and I crash my lips onto his.  Then Shelby yells "Enough you two" and we break apart and she brings me over and says "AS I WAS SAYING, Lauren don't let the hate get to you like that we are all here for you and no one can ever change that." I literally love them so much.  I give Shelby a hug and then Paige says "Excuse me I never got a hug." I laugh and go and give her a hug.  Next Kathryn says "I still have something to say."

  I look over to her and she gets kind of teary.  She says "B Squirelled I am so happy that I decided to make a new friend in gym in 7th grade.  Your friendship has changed my life.  We have been inseparable ever since, we have so many inside jokes and you know I will scare those people away cause you know I'm so intimidating.  We are the best of friends and I'm your therapist.  Just remember to think about all of us when all of the hate gets to you or you can call any one of us and I speak for everyone when I say that. I love you girlie."  I  run over to her and give her the biggest hug and say "I love you too Katrin" 

  So now I'm thinking Lauren if they would tell you this stuff why would you not believe it.  Harry is the best boy friend ever.  I go up to Harry and say "Baby can I tell you something?" He looks at me and says anything princess" I honestly love you so much you literally make me happy to be alive and if the guy isnt you I dont want to be there girlfriend I only want you.  Im so sorry if I worried you today any of you I look at them. Anyways Harry your the best boyfriend ever and I love you." Harry gives me the biggest hug ever and says" Thanks princess I love you so much and your the best girlfriend."  Then Harry's phone vibrates and its his manager so he gets the boys and they go outside and they are out for a while.  Then they come back in and they have signs and Liam told us to stand in front of our boyfriends.  So we all listened, the order of the boys was Liam, Niall, Harry, Louie, then Zayn.  Louie told us each of the girlfriends to say what there boyfriends sign said.  So Shelby read out "We" Kathryn read " Have" I read "A Surprise" Paige read "For" and Raquel read "You Girls." We all scream and ask what it is.  Paige went up to Louie and and asked him he looked at Zayn and they nodded.  Louie said "Babe go ask Raquel go ask Zayn".  So she did and Zayn said " Girls we are taking all of you to Paris." We all scream and run to our boyfriends, Niall said "We leave in 3 days get packing." So they all left and got packed.  I looked at Harry and said "Baby I can't wait to go to Paris with you."  He smiled and said to me "Me to princess I love you with all of my heart." I kissed him and said "I love you so much more." He said "Oh no you don't" Then i say "Yes I do " We keep going back and fourth and then I finally say "So Harry you think you love me more then well prove it." He says "Oh I will baby" I start to laugh and we go to bed thinking about I start to think how he is going to prove it and how I am going to Paris with my best friends and the love of my life.  I then fall asleep in Harry's strong protecting arms.  

A/N : Hey guys so sorry I haven't updated in what seems like forever.  I have just been overwhelmed with a lot of things as you can kind of see in my movella.  Also it was my birthday and Christmas and I lost my wifi for a while and I just got it back I promise I will update soon.  Have a great day/afternoon/night everyone and thanks for reading please comment/favorite/like it would mean a lot to me love you guys.  


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