Is this really happening ....A Harry Styles Love Story

Lauren is your average girl, until she enters a contest to meet her favorite band One Direction. The moment she lays her eyes on the boys her life changes forever. Lauren gets this one in a lifetime opportunity and it changes her whole perspective, will Lauren's past affect the decision or will it destroy her.

Hey guys it's Lauren. Everything in this story the hardships is all based on my life and every person whose name is in here are actually what there part is. I would love some feedback, thanks so much for reading this I love you all (:
A big thanks to my co-author Kathryn( the girl in my story) and everyone should go check out Moments by kmwdancer13(:


7. I have to give in

All I hear is my name being called. "I know your in here Lauren, where are you?"  Harry looks at me and says "Baby don't say a word" He kisses me and holds me so I will feel safe, but its not working that well.  I know it's James and all I want to know is what he wants with me. I defy Harry and say to James, "OK James what do you want. Can't you just leave me alone? I'll do anything for you, if you just leave me alone.?  James replies "ANYTHING?" "Yes" I say "anything"  "OK what I want is simple," he says. "I want a kiss a real kiss from Miss. Lauren."

 I look at Harry and I take a deep breath in and say "OK I will you give you a real kiss."  He says great and I say "When?" and he goes "right now" he grabs a chair and sits it right next to Harry and he tells me to sit on his lap so I obey him and he leans in and I close the gab in between us. We kiss for about 2 minutes and I say "OK James you got your kiss, now leave me alone." He agrees surprisingly and I go back to Harry asking him if I can speak to him for a minute.  

He agrees and I say to him "Are you going to break up with me now because I did that?"  He says "NO ABSOLUTELY NOT" I say "Why? I just cheated on you"  "Baby I love you and if someone was like that to me I would do the same thing, and I know that you wouldn't break up with me so why would I break up with you?"  I kiss him and I say thanks boo I really do love you.

 We go back inside and I go and see Louie leaning into Paige and she closes the gap. I'm honestly so happy for Paige because this could be my way to repay her for everything she has done for me. See, I have known Paige since I was 2 years old so she like my other sister. Paige has known about my eating disorder and well as the other girls.  

So then I look over to Kathryn and Niall and her are kissing then I look over at Shelby and her and Liam are kissing. THEN I look over at Raquel and her and Zayn are kissing, so now I look at Harry and I tell him on the count of 3 to yell "get a room guys" he laughs and says "OK well here we go 1....2........3......... GET A ROOM!".  We both start laughing and the other couples all jump when we say it and are shocked then Kathryn breaks the ice and has a laughing fit. Then we all start laughing at her and we all finish eating and I just don't want this night to end.  This is the happiest I have ever felt in my entire life other then being able to be a godmother.

 Paige asks to speak with me privately and I already know what she is going to say. Its going to be like well Umm Lauren, I, well sort of like Louie and well can I date him?" and that's exactly what she said.  I say "yes I know he would say yes." So before Paige can do anything Louie gets up and is talking a mile a minute and saying "Paige would you be my girlfriend?" and she says "Oh well that was easy" and obviously accepts.  

We all decide to go back to Harry's place to watch movies and he invites me to sleep over again I accept again.  We all go back to his house each boy driving his girlfriend to his house and Liam picks out Toy Story.  The boys have seen it thousands of times but we all say OK.  I ask Harry to go upstairs with me into his room and he accepts.  I lay down on his bed and he lays down next to me and we start to kiss.  I then ask him to get my sweat pants and a shirt to wear and he says OK, I give him the biggest hug cause I love him so much.  

When we get down stairs again they decided to stop the movie because they all had a lot of energy and we all decided to play truth or dare.  OK so Harry and I decide to play and Liam asks Harry truth or dare so he picks truth, surprisingly, and so Liam asks "If you could date any girl other then Lauren who would it be." He said "Ummmm well that's a hard one Lauren why do you have to have pretty friends." I laugh and say OK Harry choose.  He said "Umm well I guesss it would beeee, Kathryn." She blushes and Niall says "Back off mate this girl is mine" and he kisses her. Harry says "Its OK mate I have my girl right here" and he gives me a kiss.

 We all play 5 rounds of truth or dare then it's time for everyone to leave. I give my girls a hug and I pull Liam, Louie, Zayn, and Niall over to the side and say "If any of you hurt my best friends I will never talk to you again." They all laugh and say that they promise that they won't.  I say goodnight to all of them and Harry and I lay on the couch cuddling until 1 in the morning.  He carries me up to bed and gives me a goodnight kiss and lays down next to me. I tell him that I love him and he says it right back to me.  

I then fall asleep and Harry gives me another kiss and I just smile.  Harry can't sleep so he does a twitcam.  Harry tweets that he is going to do a twitcam and he gets so many people watching it. He then tells the fans some interesting news about the two of us.

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