Is this really happening ....A Harry Styles Love Story

Lauren is your average girl, until she enters a contest to meet her favorite band One Direction. The moment she lays her eyes on the boys her life changes forever. Lauren gets this one in a lifetime opportunity and it changes her whole perspective, will Lauren's past affect the decision or will it destroy her.

Hey guys it's Lauren. Everything in this story the hardships is all based on my life and every person whose name is in here are actually what there part is. I would love some feedback, thanks so much for reading this I love you all (:
A big thanks to my co-author Kathryn( the girl in my story) and everyone should go check out Moments by kmwdancer13(:


11. Getting ready for Paris part 2

  We get to the city and we sit in the car and make our plan on where we want to walk and do for the day.  I ask them where and after a couple of minutes of discussing it we decide M&M world,Juicy Couture, Forever 21, The Big Toys R Us and to eat later we decided on Hard Rock Cafe.   We get out of the car and we decide to do Forever 21 and Juicy Couture first.  We start walking and this girl keeps looking at us with her friends.  We stop to take silly pictures and the group of girls walk over to us and say.  "Hey I'm sorry to bother you girls but I'm Alisa and well I already know who you are.  Your Lauren, Paige, Raquel, Kathryn, and Shelby.  Well I just wanted to tell you all that you girls are beautiful and Lauren I know that in the twitcam people said some bad things but stay strong girl your my role model and I was just wondering if I can have a picture with you." We all look at each other and we all know what we should do.  I say to Alisa "Of course you can and how would you and our friends like to hangout with us for today." Kathryn said "Yeah Come On Alisa it would be so much fun." She gets so excited and said "That would be so amazing thanks so much." We all take pictures with her and follow her on Instagram.  She is so cool. So we finally get to Forever 21 and Raquel goes and gets this adorbs shirt as Paige would say.  We all get new clothes for Paris and Alisa and I end up getting matching shirts and Shelby takes a picture.  Alisa runs up and starts to hangout with Kathryn and Shelby.  Kathryn says to Alisa "How long have you liked One Direction?" "Since 2010 Directioner Forever" They laugh and Alisa asks Shelby and Kathryn if Liam and Niall are good kissers. They laugh harder and say yes. She said she doesn't have a favorite but if she had to choose it would be Louie Harry or Zayn.  Raquel Paige and I  heard that we called Louie Harry and  Zayn and told them they have a fan that would really love to speak to them.  The girls called Alisa over and Paige handed her the phone and told Alisa to say hello. "Hello love whats your name?" said Louie Alisa was speechless.  "I'm uh um Alisa, Louie can I just tell you that you and Paige are such a cute couple.  I love you all and Paige is lucky to have you she is even more gorgeous in person." Louie replies "Thank you so much and I am very lucky to have her and I love you too love xx." Next Raquel hands the phone and as soon as she does all you hear is Zayn screaming "VASS HAPPENIN"  We all die laughing and Alisa screams "Vas Happenin to you too Zayn." He says "Alisa I saw the picture Lauren posted on Instagram your beautiful." Alisa gets very emotional and says do you really think so ? He screams "I know so!!" We pay for our stuff and go to Juicy.  We get perfume and Alisa is still talking to Zayn and she is getting teary eyed she says goodbye.  Then I call her over and say hey Alisa I have someone who would like to talk to you. He says in his cute accent "Hello Alisa this is Harry how are you love xx? The girls and I watch her while she cries into my phone and says "Harry I love you so much you have no idea Lauren is the luckiest girl ever she is gorgeous and I'm so happy I met her today." He laughs and says "I know she is thank you and I love you too." We are at M&M world and we all go insane and a lot of people go up to Paige, Kathryn, Shelby, and Raquel.  No one really comes up to me cause most people I guess think I'm Ugly.  I go back I have a attack I can't do this anymore I start to cry I drop the M&M's Paige is the one that notices first she runs after me and catches me by my wrist and turns me around and sees me crying then a group of random girls come up to me recognizing me and hug me and say "Lauren your gorgeous please please believe us we love you, your our hero." I turn around at all of them and its a group of what looks like 16 year old girls.  I look at them and give them all hugs and take a bunch of pictures.  I follow each and every one of them on twitter and Instagram.  More girls end up coming over to me including me 4 best friends and Alisa.  Alisa asks me if she could have my number so I give it to her.  She is such a cool girl and she loves One Direction what else can you ask for.  We go to Hard Rock next we all order and have a great time.  Alisa has to leave so we all give her hugs and she gets all of our numbers.  As soon as she leaves Shelby is like "That was amazing all of those kids just coming up to us and Alisa was amazing." We all agree and Kathryn suggests that we go to the big Toys R Us now. We all agree and I ride with Raquel and the other 3 girls ride together.  Raquel is so gorgeous I can't help but to be jealous of her and I told her that on the ride.  She told me that there is nothing to be jealous of but its hard not to when she is so pretty.  My problem is that I compare myself to people all the time, its just a natural thing for me and I really have to learn to stop that.  Raquel and I get the My Little Pony one and Kathryn, Shelby, and Paige get the M&M one.  When its over we get off and head to my car. I get more Starbucks and so do the other girls.  I get a text from Liam telling all of us to go to this restaurant so we do and when we get there our jaws drop.  Its lit with candles and our boyfriends come over to us and we all ask what is this for? The boys all reply just to show you girls how much we all love you.  Raquel says" You boys are taking us to Paris tomorrow how much do you really need to spoil us?" Zayn answers that quickly saying "Always and Forever we need to spoil you girls." I'm in Harry's arms already and I start to cry.  He asks me whats wrong and only Paige knows what happens today at the M&M store.  Paige says "If you don't tell him I will.'' When Harry hears that he knows that its not a good thing.  Paige says fine Lauren I'll tell him "Harry, Lauren had a attack today I got her in time she dropped M&M's and started to run a lot and tears were coming all over her face.  A lot of fans recognized her and some were either not coming up to her or giving her dirty looks or saying that she wasnt worth it so she just lost it.  But then some girls came up to her hugging her and telling her that she is beautiful, that they love her and that she is beautiful." Harry looked at me and said "Believe those girls that came up to you.  Your beautiful baby girl. Your my princess." I'm at a loss of words so all I can do is kiss him. Niall comes up to me and say "So Lauren I've been told you can sing." I laugh and say "No I suck." Kathryn comes up to me and pushes me and says "NO YOU DON'T STOP RIGHT NOW." Louie and Liam say sing for us I laugh and say OK but only if girls we did what we did in the car going to the city.  They agree and we all start to sing and whats great is that they boys start to sing along with us. We all laugh and Niall says "Wow boys our girls can sing." They all nod in agreement.  We all eat and after we are done we all say see you tomorrow.  Harry and I ride back but before we go home we drive to this lake and he parks the car and we get out and sit on his car.  He grabs my hand and leads me off the car and we start to dance under the stars.  He starts to kiss me and I can't help but fall for him.  I get on his back for a piggy back ride and we just mess around.  After about 45 min we lay on the grass and look at that stars.  He says "Baby girl I have a present for you. Now close your eyes." He puts his airplane necklace on me and I get so excited. I kiss him and we get up to leave and go back to his house.  We get there and I go and get one of his shirts put it on and go to bed. He puts his arm around me and fall asleep on him listening to his heartbeat.  

A.N. Hey guys its Lauren. So sorry I have not updated in forever.  Ive just not had time with a lot of things going on in my life.  Please give me feedback because I'm not sure if I should just stop this movella or not.  Love you all. ~ Lauren <3.

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