Finally Finding You

A simple walk on the beach brings 19 year old Leah to one of the biggest stars on the planet!


2. Niall?

I looked up only to see a pale white ceiling. I glanced around the room , there was a flat screen t.v mounted on the wall above a large stone fireplace and a chandelier in front of a door which appeared to be one leading to a bathroom. I stretched my arms and switched on the t.v enjoying the new enviorment. I heard a knock on the door and quickly switched off the t.v, going into a fake sleep. A warm hand turned my chin and as i fluttered my eye lashes making it appear as if i was sleeping i saw niall standing to my right and Zayn to my left. Niall asked my name and i quickly responded, Leah...Leah Taylor. Zayn handed me a cup of coffee and explained the story of how i got there. I quess i passes out on the beach and when high tide hit it started to rain and niall carried me in. We weren't in a house though, we were at a hotel, a hurricane hit last night and all of Willows Bay had been destroyed. "THAT'S WHERE I LIVED!!!" niall pulled me into a hug and gave me a shoulder to cry on. For the next few days i really started to take a liking to niall, he took me out to nice dinners, bought me thousands of dollars worth of new clothes and had loaned me his bed while he slept on the floor. It was a week into the new place and it had turned cold outside, the room was freezing and i walked out of the room to get hot chocolate from the lobby.

I bumped into Leah as she walked into the lobby.. i couldnt sleep so i took a walk down here. I pulled my sweater over my head and wrapped it around Leah, she was shivering and it kind of hurt to see her suffering with the coldness. We sat and talked in the lobby for a while and she fell asleep in my arms. Louis and Harry stepped out of the elevator as I carried Leah in. Her beatiul brown hair flowed over my shoulder and her amazing eyes started to flutter open as I layed her down next to me in front of the fire. I didnt want to take advantage of her tiredness but i did and slipped a kiss in as she fell asleep in my arms.
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