Once Upon a June

It all started with the worst day of my life, but then things started 2 take a turn for the best....... wanna read more?? Keep reading 2 find out ;)


3. Accident

                                          *Niall's P.O.V*

I couldn't think, i just kept running. Harry right beside me.

Niall: What if we are to late?

Harry: Don't say that, everything will be fine mate

Niall: I hope so

In a matter of minutes me and Harry were standing infront of the worst thing I'v eever seen. There was a car on fire, turned upside down. I didn't have time to think. I ran over to the car and saw Cristina laying unconscious in the drivers seat.

Niall: Help me get her out of here!

I yelled at Harry. He ran over to me and we pulled her out just in time. About 5 seconds after we grabbed her the car exploded. We brought her to a clear space and I held her head in my arms while Harry check for a pulse. I've never been this scarred in my whole life.

Harry: She's fine, she's breathing, but barely. She needs hospital

I didn't think twice, i gently layed her head on the ground and pulled out my cell, next to her the whole time. Her face was covered with ashes and there was blood dripping from her head. In a matter of minutes the ambulance was hear with emergency crews and the police department. As they were putting Cristina in an ambulance, I yelled at them

Niall: Hey, I'm coming with u!

Nurse: Are you family?

Niall: No I'm.... I'm her boyfriend

Nurse: Well then come on, she doesnt have a lot of time

I climbed into the truck and held her hand the whole way. When we got to the hospital, doctors flooded the room and separated us. A nurse told me  to go wait in the waiting room, so I stood there pacing back and forth for hours. The nurse told me she had a broken arm so she was in surgery.

Nurse: She's a lucky one, most who go through that type of crash don't even get to the hospital in time.

I sighed with relief.

The boys called but I didn't answer. I sat in one of the chairs and read a magazine. A couple hours later a doctor came and told me I could go see her, it'd be nice to see a familiar face when she wakes up.

So i literally ran to the room and when i saw her fragile body i was shocked. When I met her she was so happy, and now she looked so broken. I pulled out a chair next to her and took her hand

Niall: I'm so sorry your here, you dont deserve this.

I whispered to her.

Hours passed and she still didn't wake up. I started to drift off to sleep but then I felt her stir. My eyes lit up

Niall: Cristina! Ur awake

I expected her face to light up with joy, but instead I saw confusion and fear.

Cristina: Who are you?

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